Despite an impending storm of cataclysmic proportions, 11 PAX (including 2 FNGs) exchanged coupons for some lactic acid at #TheGeneral Monday AM.


YHC is not a professional. This is a voluntary workout.  Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself and modify if necessary.


73 Degrees, 93% humidity, angry skies.

Warm Up/COP

Quick round of jacks and stretches to get the sweat going.

  • Side Straddle Hops x 30 IC
  • Squat Jacks x 15 IC
  • Merkin Jacks x 15 IC.
  • Grassgrabbers x 10 IC
  • Abe Vigodas x 10 IC.

The Thang

Grab the coupons. Double-Applesauce Indian Run around the block and to the benches. Arms at 90 degrees to increase the value of the coupons.

New exercise: The Sean Connery. Coupons held above the shoulders. Step up on the bench, overhead press the coupons. Step down to the ground, squat. This is the workout equivalent of rubbing Rogaine all over your chest.

  • Sean Connery Right x 10 IC
  • Sean Connery Left x 10 IC
  • The Dip x 15 IC

Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Mosey to the wall, partner-up for a coupon exchange.

  • People’s Chair Sit-ups with Coupon Exchange (i.e. “The Pink Floyd”). Double-count 10 reps each for a total of 20 sit-ups per set, R&R x 3 each partner.

At this point the PAX noticed that lightning was in range, necessitating an audible to the breezeway to seek cover.

  • Coupon Burpees x 10 OYO.

This was followed by a Dora run with coupons coupled with sets of coupon curls, coupon rows, and coupon overhead presses, R&R x 3. This humbled YHC, feeling at one point as though the machinery of his worldly existence was becoming uncoupled.

Mosey to the flags, deposit the coupons back in Cruiser’s truck for future tortures.

Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

11 PAX including FNGs Rose Bowl and Scalpel. Welcome!

Ball of Man

Circle of Trust, Ball of Man and Thoughts and Prayers

Tclaps to the Spartan Racers over the weekend, and T&P for Cruiser’s family travelling this week for a dual celebratory extravaganza.

#Tclaps to Cruiser for taking us out and for providing the coupons.

Everybody (except for El Blanco) in the cars by 6:15, torrential rain started at 6:19. Hope El Blanco had access to an ark.

Strong start to the week, appreciate the PAX for another round of Mondays with Weedwacker.