• When: 2/17/18, 0630 am
  • Where: The Yard
  • QIC: Boring
  • The PAX: Sling Blade (R), Quarterback (R), Weedwacker, DB, Mr Rogers, Fireball, Duggar, the Count (FNG), the Wreck, Kickstand, Silver Bullet, Hillbilly, Bonesaw (R), Brass Monkey, Aloha, the Meat (R), Maple Leaf, Neutron

 YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge (you are here voluntarily). Modify as needed. #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself
 Calm (and dry for once) 61°
 SSH x 30 IC
 Mosey around Toyota Center with side shuffles, karaokes and butt kickers
 Imperial Walker x 15 IC
 Grass Grabbers x 10 IC
 Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
 Ray Lewis x 10 IC
 LBAC forward x 15 IC, backward x 15 IC
 Morrocan night club x 10 IC

 The PAX grab coupons and mosey to Town Square. YHC had a ‘boring’ Friday night, plenty of time to study up on some new coupon centric beatdowns…
 Step up + arm curl x 20 OYO
 Newton’s Cradle: plank + side arm extension L&R x 10 IC
 R-n-R

 DoDo Bird: people’s chair + front & side shoulder raises x 15 IC
 Lion King: copperhead squat + overhead thrust x 15 IC
 T-Claps to Kickstand for the impressive Mufasa voice accompaniment
 Wonderbra: people’s chair + front & overhead press x 15 IC
 R-n-R

 Parter up 11s: coupon slapping merkins + BBSUin 10:1, 9:2, 8:3, etc ratio

 Twin Tower of Trust: Partners face each other, extend arms 90 deg with coupons and hold while end of line bear crawls through.
 All PAX made it through without a falling coupon tattoo
 R-n-R
 Mosey back to the Yard, make a permanent deposit of coupons at Hotel California (you can enter, but you can never leave) for future beatdowns

 Little time left for mary:
 Freddy Mercury x 30 IC
 Low Flutter x 20 IC
 Dolly x 20 IC

o 19 men, welcome FNG the Count and 2nd helpings Aloha
 TAPs to Holiday for speedy recovery and Florida families trying to heal from school tragedy

 *F3 Texas GrowRuck*
> Officially in Houston NEXT weekend.
> F3 Growruck Shirts are now available on F3 MudGear – get yours here!
> March 24, 2018 – Workout at Hermann Park, then train ride to MDA for 5K. PaceCar will have the Q and will be coordinating F3 team and fund raising to support MDA GI Clinic
 * Houston Spartan Sprint *
March 24th, 2018 – EBERLY RANCH, CHAPPELL HILL TX – More details here.
 *Austin Spartan Sprint – All Texas Pax Convergence*
> May 20th, 2018 – REVEILLE PEAK RANCH, BURNET TX – More details here.
For those few of you who have not yet signed on – get onto BAND today, either via smartphone app (links here: apple / android), or via the website. This is our new preferred Comz Channel going forward – download it and join the band called “F3 Houston” to get all the info on F3 Houston. Here is where you can learn who are the upcoming Qs, sign up yourself to be the Q, read our Backblasts for each WO, learn details of our next CSAUPs, and as usual, make fun of the guys in the Pax in general with some good ol’ Mumble Chatter.

Thank you for allowing me to lead…
– Boring