• When: 01/27/2020

Today, I was humbled once again by the people of Chimbote.

In the morning, 55 Peruvians and Americans came together to share a workout consisting of 11s, 4 Corners and Mary’s. Afterwards, we got to meet our families and, after a brief introduction, demolish their home.

This is Jacqueline (mom), Orlando (dad) and their 17-month old son, Mateo. Orlando is the sole-breadwinner as a taxi bike driver. On a good day, he earns 15 soles, which is $5…but not all days are good days. They share a backyard and one outhouse with 2 other families. They welcomed our build team of 3 with open hearts, gratitude, and amazement because they didn’t expect to get a new home. It only took us an hour to move ALL of their possessions to the back and tear down their home.

While Orlando was busy darting around and helping with demolition, Jacqueline went and bought us cold Coke for refreshments. For someone who earns 15 soles on a good day, purchasing a 3L bottle of coke is a big investment! After demolition, Orlando takes us for a ride in is taxi, on which I rode in the back. It was amazing and unexpected fun as I clung on for dear life over each big bump in the road, of which there were many!

So the people of Chimbote have once again humbled me. Despite having so little, they gave irreplaceable gifts: hospitality, thoughtfulness, engagement, excitement, and hugs. Despite them not realizing it, the lessons they teach me in kindness, gratitude and unconditional love are invaluable.

Two videos are of their house and backyard before demolition and one video is afterwards.

Before House

Before Backyard

After Demolition

If you’d like to be part of the trip in June 2020, here’s how: https://f3houston.com/f3-texas-mission-to-peru-2020-be-the-dynamite/