Date: 07/15/17

QIC: Leprechaun

PAX: Pace Car, CC, Gemini, Hammer Time, Guitar Hero, Beta, Camo, Two Dinners (FNG), Cruiser (RR), Garcon (FNG), Inferno

12 PAX posted at 0630 #TheHogg ITG not ITG.

YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. Modify as needed. #YouAgainstYou. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!

Roosevelt E. Roosevelt over a hot stove stirring testicle soup

Warm Up
Mosey through the St Theresa parking lot, with Agility Drills: Side Shuffle (R/L), Back Peddle, Tin Soldiers, Butt Kickers, High Knees.

Circle of Pain

Beta, thanks for coming out today. On Saturdays, workouts start at 0630, fyi.

  • SSH x 50 IC. Sorry, Cruiser, there’s more to come today.
  • Arm-o-rama: x 50 IC consisting of 10/each: Lightbulbs, LBAC (F/R), Moroccan Nightclub, Ray Lewis
  • Low flutter x50 IC
  • Yul Brenner Merkins x1 – instructional

Double Applesauce mosey over the bleachers.


  • Partner 1 Pull-ups / Partner 2 run (hopefully sprint) around the bleachers
  • Flapjack until 50 pull-ups are completed

Double Applesauce mosey around the kickball fields and across the Bridge to Nowhere to St. Theresa’s backside.


Partner 1 runs a lap, Partner 2 performs exercise

  • Lap 1: Rocky Balboa
  • Lap 2: Al Gore
  • Lap 3: Yul Brenner Merkins

Ray Charles is blind. The PAX kept their eyes closed during the three exercises. Open eyes were encouraged, but not required, during the running part.

Double Applesauce Indian Run back to the parking lot for hydration and to recover the conitas from Camp Gladiator.

Mosey over to the Lost 40 for some conita work.

Beat it Frogs, Here’s Johnny!

  • Partners leap frog to the conita (~40 yards)
  • Wheel barrow back to start
  • Leap frog to conita
  • Flapjack wheelbarrow back to start
  • John Travolta x25 each side / OYO.
  • Plank for the Six.

An Old Rugby Favorite

Conitas arranged 20 yards and 20 yards away, a box with a midline. PAX align in [4] lines.

  • Round 1: Lunge walk to first cone, sprint to second cone, peel to the side, back peddle to first conita, turn and sprint to home cone. RnR x3
  • Round 2: Deep squat jumps to first cone, then as above after the first cone. RnR x2
  • Round 3: Left leg hop to first cone, then as above after the first cone. RnR on the right leg

Mosey back to Shovel Flags

Jane Fonda & Other Foolishness

Perhaps better done ITG but nevertheless:

  • Fire hydrant – left leg x10 IC. Flap jack.
  • Zebra kick – left leg x10 IC. Flap jack.
  • Half bridge – 30 seconds
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Spice it up a bit with partner leg raises

Wring out your shirts. Good work today, men!

CountORama and NameORama:
12 PAX, 2 FNGs. Welcome Two Dinners and Garcon, and congrats to proud papas Camo and Hammertime, respectively.

Announcements: TTT, New AOs, Austin in October

TAPs: 12 years of marriage for Guitar Hero

Camo took us with thanks to the Sky Q.

Ye Olde NakedManMoleskin
I brought back some of my old favorites today. Despite my self-imposed merkin hiatus (shoulder), I couldn’t resist the Yul Brenner.

FNGs did well today, welcome and hope to see you back soon. The road to the 1st F started today.

Props to Guitar Hero and Pace Car for the extra credit. While the PAX were enjoying some 2nd F, these two took a lap around Memorial Park.

Quick Reminders

  • F3 Gears: Beta and The Bishop are starting an unofficial cycling group starting at 1700 (5pm) Sundays at The Hogg for ~1.5 hr ride or so.  2nd ride will happen on 7/16.
  • Second F > Fellowship > Thursday, July 20th at Kirby Ice House > 1730 hrs
  • Anniversary Convergence: SAVE THE DATE 1st Anniversary of Launching F3 Houston this coming Fall, pencil in Saturday, Sept 30th on your calendars for our Convergence Celebration.  Details will get ironed out as we get closer.
  • Capital Ruck Tour: Saturday October 28th > Austin, TX 1700 – 2400, ~20 miles > Details here:
  • Houston Tough Mudder – Nov 11-12th, 2017 – 5 Miles, 13 Obstacles, 1 Extraordinary Experience. Even dirtier than the Spartan Race, but just as much of a 2nd F team building experience.  More info here.  #CSAUP
  • Houston Spartan Sprint > March 24th, 2018 > 3-5 miles, 20-23 Obstacles. The Reebok Spartan Sprint: This is our shortest distance. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. The race is a fantastic test of your physical ability, but an even better 2nd F experience.  More info here.  #CSAUP
  • Twitter/BAND: We have a good comms system going for F3 Houston via Twitter and BAND.  Get on either and look up F3 for regular updates and #Mumblechatter. Inferno or one of the other PAX (YHC included) can also help get you hooked up.

Upcoming AOs

  • League City – August 5th
    • AO-Q : TP
  • Katy – Oct 7th
    • AO-Q : Camo
  • Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita area – End 2017
    • AO-Q : Cruiser
  • Sugar Land – Early 2018
    • AO-Q : Inferno


ACCELERATION: Increase in the pace of Movement.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.