Introduction Mistakes were made. Ill advised decision making occurred. And YHC paid the price. The situation? […]
Introduction The Spigot has hit its stride with consistent PAX counts since the launch. It has […]
Introduction Amor Fati That is the guiding principle of The Spigot. Amor Fati is a stoic […]
Introduction After the Kingdom beautifully executed plan to attack The Spigot with a righteous leg day […]
Introduction As YHC checked Band before heading to the AO, he found a text from Robinhood […]
AO: The Spigot When: 03.16.2021 QIC: KY The PAX: Borat, Birdie Conditions: 68F, Cloudy Introduction The Spigot pax took on […]
When: 2021.03.09 AO: The Spigot QIC: KY The PAX: Waldo, Slide Rule, Birdie, Prince, Robinhood, Mall Cop (R), Lift […]
Introduction  After giving the beasts of The Spigot a little mobility medicine, it was time to […]
When: March 2, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Choo Choo, Beetle Juice, Rehab, Siesta, Ruby, Bullseye […]
When: Jan 12, 2019 QIC: KY AO: The Kingdom The PAX: Skipper, Popeye, Bullseye (R), Full House, KFC, BOP, […]
When: 10/20/18 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Bullseye, BOP, IPA, Tater, Chief, KFC, Beetle Juice, Slider (FNG), Stick’em (FNG), YHC […]
When: 10/29/2018 QIC: Leprechaun Co-Q / Weasel Shaker: Putt Putt AOQs: Aloha (The Yard), Taco (Orbit/The Marathon), Tater […]
When: 06-12-18 QIC: JR Ewing The PAX: IPA, Tater, Camo, Locksmith (R), Hundo, Mustafa, Spaceballs, Bullseye (R), Ladies Man […]
When: Tuesday May 22, 2018 QIC: JR Ewing The PAX: Camo, KFC, IPA, Mufasa (comin’ in hot!), SpaceBalls!, Tater, […]
When: 4/28/2018 QIC: HUNDO The PAX: Camo, Robin Hood, KFC, CHOO CHOO, Tomahawk, Squirrel (2nd Helpings), Spaceballs, Moose, Tater […]
The #EmotionalHeadlock Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who […]
When: Saturday April 21, 2018 QIC: JR Ewing and KFC The PAX: Tater, Choo Choo, Hundo, Squirrel (FNG), The […]
When: 04/12/18 QIC: Camo The PAX: Spaceballs, Robinhood, Tater, Bullseye (R), IPA   6 PAX posted at #TheKingdom for […]
When: 4/7/18 QIC: HUNDO The PAX: Popeye, Robinhood, Elvis, Eastbound, KFC, Carberator, Tomahawk, Headlock, Bullseye, Choo-Choo   Condition Balmy […]
When: 31 March 18 QIC: Beta The PAX: Camo, Hundo, Skipper, Choo Choo, Neutron, Carburetor, Knob Creek, Tomahawk (kotter), […]