16 Pax took their #DRP to post #ITG for CA’s VQ, featuring #30for30 #BeatTheClock #Beatdown #SuckingWind
YHC is not a professional instructor.  F3 workouts are voluntary and free of charge.  It is important to use good form, take a break as needed (there is no shame, you got your butt out of bed!), modify, ask for help or a demonstration.  Consult a doctor before starting any new exercise program.  You against you!

47 degrees, foggy

The Thang (0530)
Mosey to the parking lot behind the church for COP.
– SSH x 20 IC
– Tin Solider, a new one for the Pax
– Duck Walk, another new one #crowdpleaser
– Prisoner Squats, variation on oldie but goodie

Mosey to the Lost World Playground near swimming pool. Begin High Intensity Interval Training “HIIT” (Check it out, it’s a Thang!). Each Interval lasts only 1 min:  30 seconds work (as intense as possible #youagainstyou), followed by 30 seconds rest. Sets of 3 exercises, 3 x through

Set One (9 min)
– Grape Stompers (new for Pax). One foot on short wall, one on ground, alternate feet stomping the grapes, rinse and repeat
– Plank Ups – start on elbows in plank, push up one arm at a time and lower one arm at a time, rinse and repeat. (aka Makhtar N’Diayes – check of the Exercon on F3nation.com)
– Dips

Mosey around Swimming Pool parking lot, line up down center near metal rail (Polling Station).

Set Two (9 min)
– Skiers – feet stay together at all times, lateral jumps over the rail and back
– V Ups (front, left side, right side)
– Merkins

Mosey back Mercy Street and stop in front of the Sister of Mercy

Set 3 (9 min)
– Jump Split Squats
– Flutters
– Al Gores (think Tree Hugger Squats)

Mosey back to Shovel Flags for COT

Count -O-Rama
16 men, no FNGs

Ball of Man
We prayed for The Bishop’s friends father who was called home to his eternal rest
We prayed for Cruiser’s 28 yo daughter-in-law recently diagnosed with cancer
We prayed for CA’s older son, suffering in a multitude of ways

The General (Pershing) – don’t forget this group meets at 530am on Wednesdays at Pershing Middle School in West Univ in the North Parking Lot (enter from Stella Link).  Britney is Area Q for this group.

If you haven’t done so, open a Twitter account, even YHC did! #OldDogNewTrick

Great work Pax!  HIIT is not easy but is proven as the best style of exercise to loose weight and is a fantastic cardio alternative to running.

Aye!  CA. #OldManStrong

(Yeah, the formatting is screwed up. It is The Bishop’s fault! He did the best he could… #GetOverIt)