Sixteen Pax, including 3 FNGs, took their #DRP and posted in #TheGloom for an assorted mix of exercises to provide a #beatdown that will absolve your sins


  • YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. #youagainstyou Modify if you need to. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


  • 66° and clear with 88% humidity, which is a recipe for lots of sweat. A mighty fine moon was there to greet us this AM.


  • Mosey around around to the Sister of Mercy’s backside
    • On the way, do a run through the agility course on No Mercy Street, running the length of the curb alternating sides with each stride. Watch for mud…
    • Mix in some back peddle, karaoke L/R along the way
  • Circle up for COP
    • Happy Jacks x 25 IC (a combo of SSH x 5 followed by Jump Squats x 5)
    • Hillbillies x 20 IC (like Imperial Walkers, but L elbow to L knee, R elbow/R knee)
    • Broken Windmill x 20 IC (like a Windmill, but L hand to L ankle, R hand/R ankle)
  • Hot Potato Circuit
    • Partner up a grab some SAK (50lb bag of Sak-rete per team)
    • Hot Potato x 10 each partner. Partners on their 6s with ankles interlocked. Partner 1 starts with his back on the ground and SAK on his chest. Partner 2 starts in the up position. Partner 1 does a sit-up and passes the SAK to Partner 2, who then does a sit-up and passes it back. Keep going until each man has done 10 reps.
    • Both partners run a lap of the parking lot.
    • Rinse-n-repeat x 3
  • Perform penance at the Wailing Wall
    • Round 1: Partner 1 does AMRAP Hip Slappers (plank with feet on the Wailing Wall, alternately touch R/L hands to your hip), Partner 2 runs a lap of the parking lot, flapjack
    • Round 2: Partner 1 does Peoples Chair, Partner 2 runs a lap of the parking lot, flapjack
    • Round 3: Partner 1 does AMRAP Donkey Kicks on the Wailing Wall, Partner 2 runs a lap of the parking lot, flapjack
    • Plank-o-rama for the 6. Regular, R/L Arm High, Regular
  • Mosey over to the ball field bleachers [naming rights available!]
    • Partner 1 goes up/down bleachers AMRAP, Partner 2 runs a lap around the bleachers stopping on the back side for knee ups x 10 OYO, flapjack
    • Rinse-n-repeat x 3
    • Plank-o-rama with hands on the bottom row: Regular, R/L Arm Out, R Arm/Left Leg Out, L Arm/R Leg Out #balance
  • Mosey over to the Shovel Flag for some SAC (Stomach and Chest) work, 4-count cadence
    • Bicycles x 10 IC
    • Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
    • Bicycles x 10 IC
    • Merkins x 10 IC
    • Bicycles x 10 IC
    • Stagger R/L Merkins x 10 IC
    • Bicycles x 10 IC
    • Wide-arm Merkins x 10 IC
  • Hands of Time (Like Sand Through The Hourglass).
    • Round 1. Pax starts on their 6s, legs at 90°. Q drops his legs to 6″ and counts “1”, Pax to his left does the same and counts “2”, etc… until each all Pax have their legs at 6″.
    • Round 2. Rinse-n-repeat – bring both legs back to 90°, continue the count until all Pax have their legs at 90°.
    • Round 3. Rinse-n-repeat – lower R leg and keep L leg at 90°, continue the count until all Pax have gone.
    • Round 4. Rinse-n-repeat – bring L leg down so both legs are 6″, continue the count until all Pax have gone.
    • Round 5. Rinse-n-repeat – raise L leg and keep R leg at 6″, continue the count until all Pax have gone.
    • Round 6. Rinse-n-repeat – raise R leg so both legs are 90°, continue the count until all Pax have have gone.
    • Transition to Circle of Trust (COT)


  • 16 men with 3 FNGs, Aye!


  • 3 FNGs, Purple Rain (Reid Williams), Sidecar (Ryan Srnka), Man Up (Mike McKibben). All #homegrown
  • Proud Papas: Cruiser (Purple Rain and Sidecar), Beta (Man Up). Great work brothers!!!

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • We prayed for the family of Bublé’s friend, who recently died of cancer, and for Rocky (Terry Jones from F3 Greenwood), who is fighting the good fight against cancer. #staystrong
  • Cruiser took us out with strong, and very personal, words about F3 has postively impacted his life, not just physically, but in his outlook. He cited the importance of doing it for his kids and his grandkids. He feels the call to lead, and the call to share this with others – witness his 2 FNGs! Thanks for your testimony, Brother! #ironsharpensiron


  • T’claps to the Pax on a great workout today. It was great to be back at The Hogg after my pilgrimage to Dallas earlier in the week. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I decided to show the love for the Pax today with some creative new exercises – Happy Jacks, Hillbillies, Broken Windmills, Hot Potato, Hip Slappers, Stagger R/L Merkins, Hands of Time.
    • For those keeping score at home, we ran 1.65 miles and burned 650 calories during a #core heavy workout
  • The birth rate of FNGs keeps climbing with 3 more today. Welcome Purple Rain, Side Car and Man Up. You acquitted yourselves well, and were blessed with great nicknames! Come back to see up #noonenightstands
    • T’claps to Cruiser and Beta, proud papas of our 3 newest #homegrown FNGs. #EHninjas
    • To the rest of the Pax, just a reminder to Always Be Headlocking #ABH
  • On Saturday, we plan to #flythecolors F3 Nation style (think White Stripes, Seven Nation Army rock anthem), AYE!!! Duggar and I have collected our extra F3 shirts (10 or so) for the Pax to wear during what will be a high visibility workout. Yes, we care enough about the Pax and growing F3 Houston to let you guys sweat out our shirts running around and rolling in the grass/dirt. However, let’s not make a habit of it… Yes, we want the shirts back. #buyyourownswag Which brings us to the next point…
  • F3 Apparel. Duggar and I encourage the Pax to pick up some F3 logo gear. Given all of the attention we are getting at Memorial Park, it is like EH advertising. The Official Gear Store of F3 Nation is Mud Gear ( Duggar and I are working with some of the Pax to design an F3 Houston shirt. Until then, check out Mud Gear and grab some swag. #flythecolors
  • New Workouts. We have started having a discussion within the Pax about potentially adding a couple of new workouts.
    • Early Workout on Saturday. There seems to be a good bit of interest in a 0600 workout at the Hogg on Saturday (or moving the 0700 start time to 0630) from Pax with young kids. Gotta keep Momma Bear and the kiddos happy!
    • Weekday West U/Bellaire Workout. There is also some support for adding a workout in the West U/Bellaire area, where a number the Pax live, on either Monday or Wednesday at 0530.
    • F3 is a Peer Lead organization. As such, the Pax can decide when/where to add new times and/or Areas of Operations (AOs). If you are motivated to launch a new workout, we encourage you to make it happen – you are #freedtolead. For this to work well, the key thing we need is a few of the Pax to lead the effort and take ownership of the workout/AO. Then we need a commitment from the Pax to attend if possible. Duggar and I will support you. Let’s keep the dialogue going. This is how F3 grows. Speaking of growth…

Aye! The Bishop