YHC began the disclaimer as cars continued to roll into the lot, being clear  that not only is YHC not a professional, he also has a hard time reading a watch and counting. With a FNG in attendance, care was taken to describe p#ushyourselfdonthurtyourself and the free, voluntary nature of the group
73 degrees and 70% humidity. Just about right for a Houston February morning.
After much back-seat-Q-input, YHC led the group on a mosey to sisters of mercy lot including side-shuffles, butt kickers and high knees.
– 2×14 mountain climbers In cadence started things off, to get the heart rate up
– Because: why go simple on your VQ? 2×14 Marty McFly IC (Hallelujah Air Chair with step back one leg, then bring leg forward to chair, then other leg back, then forward to chair in 4 count). YHC got the count right on the cadence, but may have forgotten to stop once or twice.
-another contribution to the complication came from the “Peter Roxanne Parker Roxanne”. From plank, take each leg Peter, then to the nose, then Parker, then back to plank in 4 count) IC. There was a Q fail and restart here, but surprising compliance from the pax on this one.
the Thang
Mosey to the lost world playground, adding in a LONG jailbreak down the avenue, and a climb over the mini-wall.
After much discussion of the proper name for the exercise, the circled PAX began 14 Rocky Balboas (or grape stompers), 14 incline merkins and 14 Rosalitas with minimal rest between.
The next set was 14 Rocky Balboa 14 dollys and 14 Merkins with a finish of 14 rocky balboas, 14 derkinns and 14 dyingcockroach. YHC May have called a lady by the wrong name, but it’s all Mary to me.
One of the *many* helpful co-Qs available to YHC suggested that the Thang wasn’t long enough (YHC has never heard that before), so the PAX did wheel of Merkins (14 of course), with the final leg of the wheel in plank, given the number of Merkins already performed.
A short Mosey back to flags for the finishing touches which included
28 boat-canoe (again, I guess we call those in and outs) and protractor until time was up.
COT/BOM- the wreck asked the group for prayers for his neighbors’ daughter, back in the hospital after just three weeks. Much like the rest of the workout, YHC attempted to maximize impact in minimum time, and lifted us up as men, sons, parents and brothers to all.