Where: Memorial Park Running CenterWhen: March 19-20, 2021 @ 2100Conditions: Cool. Cooler than YHC had expected. […]
17 pax arrived In the gloom at the river this morning with no real pre-blast. SpammerIron […]
#thecrux 10 men in the humid but cool gloom today for a little easy cardio and […]
16 pax started their week off the right way and overcame the FS on this Monday […]
31 PAX (3 FNGs) posted at #thekingdom for a special Guest Q to celebrate the birthday […]
When: 11/07/18 QIC: Triple Threat The PAX: Sooie,  Milton, Ralph, Pitino, Honey Pot, Sheldon, and YHC 7 Pax posted […]
• When: June 16th 2018 • QIC: Triple Threat • The PAX: BMX (FNG), Justify (FNG), […]
When: 03/22/18 QIC: Triple Threat The PAX: Smokey the Bear, TP, Boy Scout 4 PAX posted during the new […]
When: 11/16/17 QIC: Triple Threat The PAX: Cruiser (RR), Bullseye (R), Backhoe, Jackrabbit (R), Shots Fired!, Knob Creek, Gemini, […]
  When: 10-21-17 QIC: Triple Threat The PAX: Britney (PP), TheBishop, Olaf, Port-of-Call, Fresh Prince, Backhoe, Whiskey, CC, Haggis, […]