When: 03/05/19 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Tiny Woods (2ndH), H-Bomb, Triple Threat, Britney, Leprechaun, Haggis, Backhoe […]
When: 02/14/2019 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Backhoe (R), H Bomb, Obstacle, Triple Threat (DD), ReTread, Rocky Top and YHC […]
When: 10/13/2018 QIC: [Q F3 Name] The PAX:  Ghost Rider (TD); Britney (TD); Pollywog (DD); UpDawg (DD); Guitar […]
When: 10/02/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Leprechaun, Beta, Backhoe, Guitar Hero (DD), El Oso  (DD), Jingles (2nd Helping), Haggis, […]
When: 09/22/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Jack Rabbit (R); Leprechaun (DD); Taco; Ghost Rider; Liquid Plumber (R); El Osso […]
  When: 07/05/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Beta; Beater; Hagis; Toady; Robinhood; Arsenal; H-Bomb; Liquid Plumber (R); Backhoe; Putt […]
When: 05/29/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Jack Rabbit (R); PuttPutt (3rd helping); Fresh Prince; Britney; Leprechaun; Liquid Plumber (R); […]
When: 04/07/2018 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Triple Threat; Beta; Leprechaun; Taco; Brexit; The Bishop (R); Guitar Hero; JackRabbit (R); […]
When: 03/24/2018 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Haggis; Duggar; The Bishop (R); PortOCall; Vlasic; Fresh Prince; Bone Saw (R); Fixer […]
When: 03/03/2018 QIC: PaceCar The PAX:  YHC PaceCar; Guitar Hero; Snoop Dog; Britney; Brexit; Shug; Fresh Prince; Port O […]
When: 02/13/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: PaceCar (QIC H), Beta, Britney, Cruiser (RR), Fresh Prince, Guitar Hero, Haggis, Jack […]
When: 09/27/2017 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: H-Bomb, Triple Threat, Locksmith (R), Wheezer, Borat, Camo, Backhoe, SnoopDog, […]
When: 08/05/17 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: PaceCar (QIC H), Cruiser (RR), Fresh Prince, Mile High (R), Triple Threat, […]
When: 07/13/17 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: PaceCar (QIC H), Whiskey (R), Leprechaun, Camo, HookUp, Hammer Time, Britney, JR Ewing, […]
22 PAX made it out this fine morning for YHC’s VQ Brick House Special at The […]