Introduction Mistakes were made. Ill advised decision making occurred. And YHC paid the price. The situation? […]
Introduction The Spigot has hit its stride with consistent PAX counts since the launch. It has […]
Introduction Amor Fati That is the guiding principle of The Spigot. Amor Fati is a stoic […]
Introduction After the Kingdom beautifully executed plan to attack The Spigot with a righteous leg day […]
Introduction As YHC checked Band before heading to the AO, he found a text from Robinhood […]
AO: The Spigot When: 03.16.2021 QIC: KY The PAX: Borat, Birdie Conditions: 68F, Cloudy Introduction The Spigot pax took on […]
When: 2021.03.09 AO: The Spigot QIC: KY The PAX: Waldo, Slide Rule, Birdie, Prince, Robinhood, Mall Cop (R), Lift […]
Introduction December 26, 1776 That was the day that George Washington crossed the frozen Delaware river […]
Introduction YHC has been doing a Merkin/Pull-up improvement plan as extra credit at home.  While cursing […]
Introduction Today’s beatdown was freakin cold. No two shakes about it. The PAX kept working just […]
Introduction … because it is there. Today YHC had the honor of leading the beasts of […]
Introduction YHC has been focusing on his upper body during his OYO sessions to attack a […]
Introduction  After giving the beasts of The Spigot a little mobility medicine, it was time to […]
Introduction In YHC’s humble opinion, the “Take No Prisoners” approach that F3 normally exhibits leaves out […]
When: MAR 24, 2020 QIC: KY (Co-Q: Mufasa)PAX Count: 20 The PAX: BOP, Taledega, Cool Beans, Proximity, Robinhood, Moneyball, […]
When: Dec 28 2019 AO: The Current QIC: KY The PAX: Space Balls, Midas’s, Tater, Prince Introduction YHC has […]
AO: The Kingdom When: Dec 24, 2019 QIC: KY PAX Count: 9 (including YHC) The PAX: Strongwood, Beetlejuice, Barcelona, Robinhood, […]
When:  Oct 12, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Mufasa, Popeye Introduction Ever had a WOD that you questioned […]
When: Aug 17, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Camo, Popeye, Prince, Tater, Strongwood, Cornhole, Mufasa Introduction YHC has been […]
When: 8/3/2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Prince, Corn Hole, Space Balls, Camo FNG: None Conditions: 78F and humid Introduction YHC has […]