• When: Workout date: 10/23/18
  • QIC: Muffy!
  • The PAX: [Cruiser, Spicoli, Left Turn, Dry Dock, FNG : Other Brother Darryl]

The PAX were 6 strong including the Q.  Conditions were perfect for a howling good time! A FNG showed up for the workout named Dwight Ford.  He lives in Sandcreek KW and earned the name “Other Brother Darryl”.  Plenty of mumble chatter that turned into monkey calls and bear crawls…


Weather conditions were perfect at 61 degrees and misty.


Muffy! is not a professional. F3 workouts are FREE and voluntary – you are here at your own risk #PushYourselfDon’tHurtYourself! If you can’t complete the set, Modify as necessary, but keep good Form!. Notify the Q or rest of Pax of any serious medical conditions.

The Thang

Jumped right into a 1/4 mile Capri Lap b4 circling the flags

  • Bear Crawl Ring – o – Fire:  Bear crawl around flag, PAX halts & planks while one complete 10 merkins -> Rinse Repeat until all have completed their Merkins
  • Howling Monkey’s X 2.  Monkey humpers:  10 each while others hold ankles in full squat.  Round the horn twice.   Real crowd pleaser
  • Leg Wrecker:  PAX splits into 2 lines 30 yards apart.  Group 1 completes Lt. Dan (ger’s) to other line (1 squat, 2 lunges, 1 merkin => repeat).  Group 2 Al Gore’s until their turn.  Repeat x 4
  • 1/4 mile mosey
  • Suicides -> 5 cones 50 yards.  PAX split into same groups at opposing ends; each sending 1 though course.  x 3
  • Alligator Merkins 30 yards to Flags

Mumble chatter turned to heavy breathing during suicides

CountORama and NameORama

6 PAX Strong 10-23-18 N-O-R


Pray for Other Brother Darryl’s relative’s back surgery & Cruiser’s nephews following their father’s tragic death.


All members of PAX continue to get stronger and becoming better runners!  This continues to open up new options for workouts!!

Upcoming Events
*Thirsty Thursday (Nov 1st) * > 5pm til 

2nd F - Fellowship and a cold beer

10622 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77016


 *Ruck-n-Run* (Nov 10th)

The F3Kingwood - River Ruckers will be attending this years Ruck-n-Run as a Shadow Event in Kingwood Tx. 

Ruck ‘N’ Run is a boot camp inspired walk/run that honors Veterans and connects the community. 

Through past events, $10,500 and 4,459lbs of food has been donated to Veteran organizations! 

There are stations along the route where participants must complete a set of exercises before progressing. 

Start will be immediately following the usual F3 Sat WOD 0630 – 0730 and start point is 

Wells Fargo Bank on WLH Parkway.  Kirk Higbie has graciously stepped up to lead this event. 

[email protected]

Ø  Sign up Information here> https://www.rucknrun.org/

 *Kingwood Turkey Trot* (Nov 22nd) https://runsignup.com/Race/TX/Kingwood/L3TurkeyDay5K 

Immediately following the F3Kingwood  WOD *Note Change in Time* Sleep in Turkey day. 0630 – 0730 WOD 

The F3Kingwood River Ruckers will Ruck the 5k Kingwood Turkey Trot

We’ll fly the F3 Banner, set up a table and take up a collection for

L3 Foundation, whose mission is to aid children and their family who are fighting childhood cancer.

Cruiser will have Koozies for everyone that donates and “Free Lifetime Memberships” to F3

We’ll also have flyers and business cards to hand out. 


For those few of you who have not yet signed on – get onto BAND today, either via smartphone app (links here: apple / android), or via the website. This is our new preferred Comz Channel going forward – download it and join the band called “F3 Houston” to get all the info on F3 Houston. Here is where you can learn who are the upcoming Qs, sign up yourself to be the Q, read our Backblasts for each WO, learn details of our next CSAUPs, and as usual, make fun of the guys in the Pax in general with some good ol’ Mumble Chatter.