• YHC is not a professional.  F3 workouts are free and voluntary.  Interval training is hard and taxing on your heart.  If you have high blood pressure or any heart condition, consult your doctor a to the suitability of HIIT.  Modify as needed.  Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself!


  • 56◦ , Wet, humid, and rain at the very end #TheGloom

Warm Up

  • Mosey behind the church
  • SSH, Extra Slow Windmills, Slow Squats, Duck Walk

The Thang

  • Stay behind the church
    • Tabata 1 (Winter Olympics) Skiers/(Speed) Skaters
    • Already feeling the burn in the legs, but Pax have no idea what’s to follow
  • Short mosey to the Play field
    • Tabata 2 (Legs will be toast)  Knee Squats (New one for the Pax)/Split jump lunges
    • #brutal  #whyamiherethissucksbigtime!
    • The absence of mumble chatter was deafening
  • High School Sports Set DORA Style
    • Basketball
    • Pax 1 – Suicide Each Pax goes 3x
    • Pax 2 – Ab Time/Recover “Climb the ALPs”
      • American Hammer, LBCs, Plank
      • #Heartpumpinabcrunchin!
    • Football
    • Foot on Fire / Monkey See Monkey Do
    • 30 for 30, 4x
  • Tabata 3 – The Burpee
    • Tabata and Burpee, greatest combo to hit #TheHogg since The Bishop and Duggar?
    • #manthatsucked!

Cool Down

  • Slow Wind Mill, Moroccan Nite Club, Static Duck Squat
  • Always remember to stretch after working out!


  • 24 Pax, 2 FNGs (T’claps!)


  • Warm welcome to Chaser (Whiskey) and Moonshine (The Bishop)

Ball of Man

  • Whiskey took us out. Everyone is #FreeToLead, you don’t have to be a professional!  Intentions for those needs and prayers in our hearts and minds unshared this day.


  • Great workout today focused on cardio, legs, and core!
  • Tabata – short and hard!  Don’t need to run for heart pumping cardio workout!
  • #legsaretoast
  • If you haven’t checked out the mudgear for #TheGeneral, it is badass!  Orders being taken now!!!  Must be in by Jan 31.  Britney pulled strings to get the professional design done by family members and is lite $500 for his efforts.  Contributions to offset these costs are greatly appreciated and should be given to Britney (Bitch!)  Has promised something equally bassass for #TheHogg is in the works.  He also has threatened to wear his singlet to every F3 workout until the Pax ponies up.  Please contribute, we don’t want to go there!
  • Join the F3 Houston Group on Facebook
  • Open a twitter account.  YHC, one of the oldest guys in the Pax, even did!