The holiday temptation to stay in the #fartsack wasn’t enough to keep 12 pax from posting in the frigid

#gloom at #theHogg at 0530.


YHC is not a professional and I don’t play one on TV. F3 workouts are free and voluntary. Use good

form and don’t be afraid to ask for a demonstration. Modify if you need to modify. Push yourself, but

don’t hurt yourself! #youagainstyou


It was a frigid 38 degrees when we started the workout at 0530 and the temperature dropped to 36

degrees by the end. The #gloom wasn’t as gloomy given the low humidity. The ground was cold, dry

and soft which was ripe for some merkins, derkins, mountain climbers and LBCs.

Warm Up – 0530

Mosey from parking lot over to Bushwood Country Club – butt kickers, karaoke, back pedal on the way.

Circle up in BWCC parking lot. City of Houston picked a great morning to roll the tractor out with an

industrial leaf blower. It was really loud, but YHC cranked the volume up on the cadence for the


– SSH 20x

– Imperial Walkers 15x

– Little baby arm circles 15x

– Windmills 15x

The Thang – 0540

Short mosey from BWCC parking lot to the driving range to find some pole. Become one with the pole

and dance the morning away.

– Donkey kicks – 10x (OYO) We are at the driving range, but try to avoid hitting your balls.

– Australian pull ups 10x (IC)

– Dips – 10x (IC)

– Decline Merkins 10x (IC)

Rinse and Repeat – 1x

Form up single file for an Indian Run to Memorial Motor Speedway

Circle up at the benches by the track. Make one lap around the track, and head back to the circle for

the following OYO:

– Squats – 10x (no such thing as Little Baby Squats, Bublé)

– LBCs – 15x

– Mountain Climbers – 10x

Rinse and Repeat 3x

Form up again single file and Indian Run back to the Shovel flags via the garden of tranquility. Finish off

with a jail break.

Count-o- Rama:

12 Pax, no FNGs.

Ball of Man:

As we approach the holiday season, we were reminded that there are folks in our community going

through real hardship (homelessness, hunger, sickness, broken relationships). We should be mindful of

this as we enjoy time with our families. Bublé raised up those traveling this week for the holidays. Be

safe brothers!


We did a lot of running and got a good upper body / core workout. Sidecar posted a pic of his tracker on

Twitter showing that we ran a total of 2.5 miles in 40 minutes. That includes over a mile of Indian Runs.

All 12 PAX finished together without anyone straggling behind, a far cry from when we started in

October. We should be really proud of how we’ve become a more fit and cohesive team in less than 90

days since our #Leap. #IronSharpensIron, we will continue to get better together.


– Spartan Sprint: This is a great time to remind you to Hard Commit (HC) for the Spartan Sprint,

which the AOs of F3 Texas will be converging on May 21. Check it out:

– 1/2/(F)3 Convergence. Each year on January 1st, it’s tradition in F3 Nation to have a

“Convergence” in honor of F3’s founding on 1/1/11. Great opportunity to show FNGs what

we’re all about.

– Twitter: Get on Twitter and look up F3 for regular updates and #Mumblechatter. The cheesy

GIF pictures are especially hilarious.

– #ABH: Duggar reminded us that holiday parties and family events are target rich environments

to be head locking people to grow @F3Houston. Make a new year’s resolution to headlock

your friends, family and co-workers. 2017 is going to be a strong year for F3.

Thanks for the Opportunity to VQ. Can’t wait for some second helpings. BOOM!