15 PAX posted at #TheGeneral for the first time in 2017 and set an all-time AO record!! The record turnout at The General included 2 FNGs (#ABH), which made YHC proud enough to offer up a solid #Beatdown. Every good soldier needs their #DRP of #Downpainment so T’Claps to those who made it out this morning.


  • YHC is not a professional instructor #IPlayOneOnTV. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge (you’re here on your own accord). Modify as needed. #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself #YouAgainstYou. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


  • Conditions were a crispy 45° with 69% humidity making it a slightly drier workout than the usual #sweatlodge


  • Quick mosey out towards the Side Lot then onto Stella link only to make our way back to the Shovel Flags
  • Side Straddle Hops (SSHs) x20 IC (40 total)
  • Merkins x10 IC (20 total)
  • Low Slow Squat x20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x20 IC (40 total)
  • Windmills x10 IC
  • Mosey on over through the Hall Of Fame (will eventually be the Hall of Pain once a Q seizes the opportunity) and out the back of the General’s Courtyard for #TheThang…


  • Merkin Indian Mile
    • Mosey single-file, while the last PAX drops and performs 6 merkins, then proceeds to run to the front of the line. Rinse and repeat until the run is over #only1mile.
    • Started on Braes right outside the General’s Courtyard and  proceeded  south towards Aberdeen
    • Hung a right down Aberdeen to corner of Aberdeen / Stella
    • Continued up Stella to the corner of Blue Bonnet
    • Hung another right down Blue Bonnet to the Corner of Braes
    • Finally, hung a Louie on Braes to makes it  back to the Generals Courtyard
      • Total: 24x Merkins, ~1.0 mi
  • Dora made her way to the General’s Courtyard  (Modified Dora 1-2-3)
    • Partner up at the first circle of benches
    • Partner 1  runs Halfway down the General’s Courtyard  and back while Partner 2 exercises, completing the following as a team:
    • 100x Box Jumps  #We Jumped The EquivalentOfAThirteenStoryBuilding
    • 150x In-n-Outs #PreviewToCruisersVQ
    • 200x Dips  #ItsSupposedToHurt #DipsForDays
      • Total: 450x reps as above, ~0.8 mi
  • Mosey on through the General’s Couryard and the Hall of Fame to the General’s Parking Lot
  • Stopped off in the General’s Parking Lot of a little Eleven’s action
  • Each PAX Performed 10 Squats at the end of the General’s Parking Lot then ran to  the Shovel Flags to perform 1 LBC (Little Baby Crunch), then finished off by running back to the end of the lot (starting point).
  • Rinse and repeat but with decreasing Squats each time (10,9,8,7…) and increasing LBC’s (1,2,3,4..) until you’ve completed all 10 repetitions.
  • Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and only ~1/3 of the PAX finished #SoClose #NewQProblems
    • Total: 55x Squats & 55x LBC’s (if you finished) ~1.0  mi

#CountORama and #NameORama

  • 15 men, including 2 FNGs. A record-setting turnout at The General!  Aye!
  • Welcome FNGs Detention (Garhett Wagers and Radar (Les Peters). You did great today keep it up! #NoOneNightStands
    • T’claps to proud papas Whiskey (Detention) and Bishop (Radar).

#BoM (Ball of Man)

  • Nothing new came up in this morning’s #BoM so YHC took us out with remembrance to Comrade and Cruiser’s daughter.
  • The #3rdF pulpit is open to any PAX member. You are all #FreedToLead, and every leader needs to find his “voice” among other men. Offering TAPs is a great way to do that.


  • Solid #BeatDown with more cardio than anticipated #SorryImNotSorry and plenty of strength training sprinkled in for good measure #ItsSupposedToHurt
  • For those keeping score at home:
    • We ran 2.81  miles and burned ~588 calories
    • 44x Merkins
    • 55x Squats
    • 55x LBC’s
    • 25x Squat Jumps
    • 100x Box Jumps (as a pair)
    • 150x In-n-Outs (as a pair)
    • 200x Dips (as a pair)
    • #NoPainNoGain#Downpainment #ALittleMoreCardioThanExpected
  • For some reason the #TomatoBootCamp (or is it #PotatoBootCamp?) was absent again from the General’s Parking Lot this morning. YHC was missing the Tunes #TheyPlayedBritneyLastTime #HitMeBabyOneMoreTime
  • Our friendly Thai Chi expert made is regularly schedule appearance in the General’s Parking Lot this morning and  now has an official name! Welcome FNG  Muay Thai!! Rumor has it that he hard committed to F3_250. If  he can do it, so can you #NoExcuses
  • Looking Ahead. A couple of workouts you don’t want to miss:
    • Cruiser’s VQ is Tomorrow.  Don’t Miss it #WarDaddyTough #OldMenCanStillHang
    • #DoubleDown this Saturday. #Downpainment will begin at 0600, likely with a #StringOfPearls along El Camino Real around #TheHogg, followed by your normal #DRP at 0700. For those of you looking to get #Stronger (#NotABoyNotYetAMan), there is no better way than to #DoubleDown. #HitMeBabyOneMoreTime.
      • Remember to put the EH on some FNGs for the Saturday workout. We need some more #homegrown F3 Houston PAX #ABH
  • Twitter. YHC highly encourages the PAX to get on Twitter. It’s not a scary as it sounds (if the old guys can do it, so can you!), and it’s a great source of real-time updates, #MumbleChatter from the PAX and pics of men in blue spandex #NeverTakeEmOff. Suggested Twitter handle: @F3[F3name]. #CommunicationIsKey
  • Backblast Comments. You’re likely reading this on F3Nation.com. YHC highly recommends getting a login ID and password, so you can comment and post for all of F3 Houston to see. #CommunicationIsKey #MumbleChatter
  • F3 Apparel. T’claps to the PAX who are already sporting their own F3 logo gear. For the rest of you, place your orders! Britney (B*tch!) is working on a #BadAss design for The General – coming at you early 2017 (Hopefully). The Official Gear Store of F3 Nation is Mud Gear (www.f3.mudgear.com).


  • GINGER KING: A particularly Zealous red-haired PAX. #YoursTruly #OneAndOnly
  • The F3 Lexicon provides the PAX with a language that uniquely conveys and captures much of what we do and believe in F3. It seems trivial, but the Lexicon helps connect us and enriches our fellowship. Take some time to check it out. (http://www.f3nation.com/lexicon/)

Thanks for allowing me to Debut as Q and Bring a Little Pain.