Thirteen Pax, including one FNG (Postal), were served up a Hogg’s Breakfast at Memorial Park this morning. What’s a Hogg’s Breakfast, you ask? Well, it’s a dog’s breakfast, but available exclusively in The Gloom at The Hogg! What’s a dog’s breakfast? It’s just a little bit of everything thrown together.

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hops (SSH) 30 IC
  • Slow Imperial Walkers (IW) 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 at alternating cadence
  • Banana Rolls x 10


  • Mosey along main running trail with some High Knees, Butt Kickers, and Karaoke thrown in
  • Walk Like an Egyptian – Pax line up one arm’s length apart. Pax lunge forward on the right leg and hold, while last guy Jail Breaks to the front of the line. Pax recover, then lunge forward to their left leg and hold, while last guy Jail Breaks to the front. Rinse & repeat untl all Pax have gone.
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Indian Run to the Great Wall
    • Balls to the Wall (BTTW) 30 seconds
    • People’s Chair 1 minute
    • Donkey Kicks 10 OYO
  • Mosey to Fun Deck
  • Ring of Fire (1,2,3,4, 5)
    • Derkins
    • Knees to Chest (name?)
  • Black Snake back to Mt. Houston
  • Forward Bear Crawl down/up Mt Houston, Reverse Bear Crawl down/up Mt Houston x 3
  • Mosey to Shovel Flag
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC on 4C


  • 13 men with 1 FNG


  • 1 FNG, Postal

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • Asked Pax to keep Snow Cone’s friend, who lost his battle with cancer this AM, and his family in TAPs. Also, asked to keep The Bishop’s friend, who is currently battling cancer, in TAPs. Gave thanks for the day and asked that Peace be upon all those facing the many difficulties of life.


  • The Bishop’s #MummbleChatter was co-Q this AM. Right out of the gate, The Bishop heckled YHC for going too high with the SSH count with the well timed commentary “Borrrrriinng!” Being a responsive Q, YHC only got through 40 of the 50 SSH YHC had intended. So, TB’s MC saved the Pax some extra SSH. But not content enough to let it go there, the MC came again at the “deliberate” pace YHC set on the IWs. YHC was secretly trying to force the Pax to get their knees and elbows all the way together, but TB opined, “Too slowwwww!”. Lest YHC cede complete control to the Peanut Gallery, YHC had to respond. Rhetorically asking, “So, you thought that was slow?”, YHC launched into a set of Merkins, alternating between having the Pax hold their position at the low point and dragging out the count, and speeding it up. An odd count it was, but that was the point. The battle now on, as YHC called for the Pax to hit their Sixes, TB squeaked out that the grass was too wet. YHC had no other option than to ditch the LBCs YHC had planned and go straight into the Banana Roll. That made certain that TB’s shirt soaked up not only all the moisture it could, but also his remaining MC, too! And that’s how TB’s MC was Co-Q out there today.
  • YHC took the Pax out on the running trail, which gives F3 great exposure to all the hundreds of people out there so early in the morning. YHC is convinced we’ll nab more than a few curious Sad Clowns that way, if we keep it up. Observation about Qing on the runninng trail: there are more than a few “distractions” out there, just try to not run into a tree or a ditch while you’re Q.
  • BTTW certainly got the Pax plenty of attention, including from one of the passing “distractions”, who said to The Bishop, “That sure looks like fun!” YHC is pretty certain The Bishop was ready to make it a co-ed workout in that moment.
  •  YHC noted, as the countdown ticked on, more than one Pax was using the cross beam of the Great Wall to support themselves during the People’s Chair. Modifications, when necessary, are always acceptable, but just remember, that while we may always talk about #ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron), it’s also always #YAY (You Against You) out there. Only you know where the line is for you between “needing” a break, and “wanting” one. Sandbagging.
  • The real #CrowdPleaser of the day was the Bear Crawl up/down Mt Houston. After 3 rounds of that, you would’ve thought we were reaching the peak of Mt Everest from the sounds of all of the huffing and puffing going on.
  • Welcome to FNG Blake McWherter, who landed the handle “Postal”. The Bishop had been EH-ing Blake, who had been trying to show up since the Big Bang, but had “logistical” issues. Without any forewarning to The Bishop, Blake just showed up today. That makes him a lot like the USPS, where when you send a letter/package , it hardly ever arrives when it’s supposed to, and then just as you’re ready to give up on it, there it is on your doorstep. Postal is a Houston native, married with two children 9 & 6, and works in institutional investment management.
  • Beta almost earned a re-naming today to Crop Duster, as he about “dusted” The Bishop and several other Pax into unconsciousness, during Flutter Kicks. Beta, take note, the Pax circle up outside, so they can enjoy the FRESH AIR. Again, let YHC reemphasize those last two words…FRESH and AIR. There will be a quiz on Saturday; study up!
  • Apologies to Postal. Normally, the Pax are able to nail the naming pretty quickly, but today it dragged on a bit…then again, a lack of FRESH AIR will do that. Somehow, the lack of oxygen degrades cognitive performance. Thanks Beta!
  • On a side note, YHC likes to see how the names for areas around The Hogg are filling in, including the Front Lawn, the Garden of Tranquility, the Fun Deck, The Great Wall, and Mount Houston. Naming the areas of the AO does more than just help us lay a mental claim to the AO and make it “ours”, it helps the Q(s) to coordinate Pax movements, as the numbers grow, and makes Back Blasts more concise. So, keep those names flowing.
  • This Saturday will be the third and final phase of Houston’s LEAP. After this weekend, it will all be up to us to make Houston as big a Region as you know it can be and to have it realize all of its potential. Blades of Glory (named for his performance here: ) will be coming in from Charlotte to Q. Let’s make a big impression on him, by making a push to EH as many of those guys that we know NEED F3 and turn this into our biggest weekend yet! Let’s go for the Gold!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead you this morning.