A record TWENTY (20) Pax (!!!), including 3 FNGs, took their #DRP and posted in #TheGloom. We then proceeded to get up close and personal with Sally (three times!!! Clearly a Pax full of #studs) and Dora, two of my favorite ladies…


  • YHC is not a professional instructor. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. #youagainstyou Modify if you need to. Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


  • A balmy 72° and partly cloudy with 89% humidity. When was the last time you sweat so much with a couple of ladies!?! #wifeapproved


  • Mosey through the parking lot and across the street. Hang a right on El Camino Real, then hang another right at the entrance to Bushwood Country Club. Complete the mosey with a relaxing run through the Garden of Tranquility to the Side Yard for COP
  • Circle up for COP
    • Plank Jacks x 15 IC
    • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
    • Flamingos x 10 each leg IC (balance on R leg, lift L leg while bending over to touch the ground with the R hand)
  • Mosey over to the Stadium Parking Lot for a little tailgate party with SALLY before going to the game with DORA
    • All exercises below completed to the song Flower, by Moby. You may recall it fondly as Sally Up/Sally Down. For each exercise below, on “Sally Up” you hold the Up position, on “Sally Down” you hold the Down position. Good times quickly follow…
    • Merkins AMREP, upon failure swich to Leg Lifts (Up – regular Plank, Down – start the downward portion of a Merkin, stop and hold 6″ off the deck)
    • Squats AMREP, upon failure swich to Merkins (Up – stand up, Down – assume/hold Squat)
    • Leg Lifts AMREP, upon failure swich to Merkins (Up – Hold legs together and lift them to 90°, Down – lower legs and hold 6″ off the deck)
  • Partner up and move to the sidelines (edge of the parking lot) for kick-off with DORA
    • Burpees x 100: Partner 1 does AMRAP Burpees while Partner 2 runs across the parking lot and back, flapjack, Partner 2 picks up the count where Partner 1 left off. Rinse-n-repeat
    • Freddie Mercury x 200: Partner 1 does Freddie Mercury while Partner 2 runs across the parking lot and back, flapjack, Partner 2 picks up the count where Partner 1 left off. RnR
    • Jump Squats x 300: Partner 1 does AMRAP Jump Squats, while Partner 2 runs across the parking lot and back, flapjack, Partner 2 picks up the count where Partner 1 left off. RnR
    • To distract the Pax from the ensuing #painandsuffering, the Q played some classic rock to make the #beatdown more bearable. In case you were wondering, here is the playlist:
      • Baba O’Riley, The Who
      • Rough Boys (Live), The Who
      • Vehicle, The Ides of March
      • I Just Want to Celebrate, Rare Earth
      • Takin’ Care of Business, Bachmann-Turner Overdrive
      • Consider it a classic rock education from the #Respect crowd (Bishop, Cruiser, C.A., Locksmith)
  • At this point, the referees called the game under the Mercy Rule (and also time)… the tattered Pax heads to the Shovel Flag for COT


  • 20 men with 3 FNGs – a new record weekday turnout. Aye!


  • 3 FNGs: Hurricane (David Humphreys), Toto (Bryant Bradley), Whiskey (Patrick Miller). Thanks for coming out – look forward to seeing you back out there!
  • Proud Papas: Bishop (Hurricane), Reverend in abstentia (Toto, #homegrown) and Duggar (Whiskey). Great work brothers!!!

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • Thoughts and Prayers (TAPs) for: Bublé’s Uncle, Rocky (Terry Jones from F3 Greenwood), Susannah Sisk, and Jade #staystrong


  • T’claps to the Pax on a great workout today. You know it was a absolute #beatdown when Duggar is #smoked (not to mention YHC)!!! #proudQ I felt like I owed him after he busted me with his #mumblechatter in COP, causing me to nearly fall over during the Flamingos (and yes, I’ve learned my lesson, they should not be an in cadence exercise…)
  • This morning YHC introduced the Pax to two of his favorite ladies – Sally and Dora. “Veni Vidi Vici” They came, they saw and they kicked our asses! Delivering a complete body workout hitting the core, chest/arms, legs and cardio. I’m definitely feeling it this afternoon.
    • For those keeping score at home, we ran 1.6 miles and burned 780 calories
  • A new feature of today’s workout were the Tunes. You can’t do Sally without the music. Since I already had the gear ready for that, I decided to include a song selection to help ease the suffering Dora would inflict. Great classical rock education for you Hates and Hate, Hates.
    • If the Pax enjoyed the Tuneage, we can try to work it into future workouts occasionally. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • It seems like I keep mentioning this in every NMM, but the birth rate of FNGs keeps climbing with 3 more today. Welcome Hurricane, Toto and Whiskey! You acquitted yourselves well! Come back to see us #noonenightstands
    • T’claps to Duggar and Reverend (in abstenia) for headlocking them. Toto was a long-distance EH. Reverend worked on him from New Orleans, which is a good reminder to EH FNGs you may know in other F3 cities.
    • To the rest of the Pax, just a reminder to Always Be Headlocking #ABH
  • On Saturday, we plan to #flythecolors again, F3 Nation style (think White Stripes, Seven Nation Army rock anthem), AYE!!! Duggar and I have collected our extra F3 shirts (10 or so) for the Pax to wear. Given all of the attention we are getting at Memorial Park, it is like #EH advertising. Which brings us to the next point… #buyyourownswag
  • F3 Apparel. T’claps to the Pax who are already sporting their own F3 logo gear. For the rest of you, I quote Cramer on Mad Money – “Buy, Buy, Buy!” The Official Gear Store of F3 Nation is Mud Gear (www.f3.mudgear.com). An F3 Houston shirt is in the works. Until then, however, check out Mud Gear and grab some swag.
  • New Workouts. A discussion has started within the Pax about potentially adding a couple of new workouts. Duggar and I need your feedback on:
    • Early Workout on Saturday. There is a good bit of interest in a 0600 workout at the Hogg on Saturday (or perhaps moving the 0700 start time to 0630) from Pax with young kids.
    • Weekday West U/Bellaire Workout. There is also support for adding a workout in the West U/Bellaire area, where a number the Pax live, on either Monday or Wednesday at 0530.
    • Friday Fellowship Run. Some of the Pax have expressed interest in an F3 running workout on Friday’s. It would be run at Fellowship pace, perhaps a few short pain stations.
    • F3 is a Peer Lead organization. As such, the Pax can decide when/where to add new times and/or Areas of Operations (AOs). If you are motivated to launch a new workout, we encourage YOU to make it happen – you are #freedtolead. For this to work well, the key thing we need is a few of the Pax to lead the effort and take ownership of the workout/AO. Then we need a commitment from the Pax to attend if possible. Duggar and I will support you. Let’s keep the dialogue going. This is how F3 grows.
  • The Difference. I don’t know of a good way to define #TD, but it generally consists of improved fitness, motivation to maintain a better diet, more energy, a positive change in personal outlook, rewarding new friendships, a greater appreciation for our blessings and a reinvigoration of our individual faith journeys. (Rod Tidwell, of Jerry Maguire fame, might define it as “the kwan” without the money.) This week we heard powerful tesitmony from Cruiser in the BOM, and saw JR Ewing’s tweet that he has lost 10lbs since 10/1. Their experiences are not unique, but they remind us of the material impact of the Fitness, Fellowship and Faith we share together. We encourage you to share yours as well. #ironsharpensiron
  • Word of the Day (WOD): DOWNPAINMENT: “The daily physical price required to increase one’s Fitness.” (The #downpainment was made today!)
    • The F3 lexicon provides the Pax with our own language that uniquely conveys and captures much of what we do and believe in F3. It seems trivial, but the language helps connect us and it enriches our fellowship. As a result, we decided to add a WOD to our backlasts. Take some time to check it out. (http://www.f3nation.com/lexicon/)

Aye! The Bishop