When: 07/24/17

QIC: The Wreck & El Blanco

The PAX: Whiskey (R), Vlasik, Fixer Upper, Forrest (R, FNG), The Wreck (Q), RoseBowl, Leprechaun, Mr. Roper, Britney, Scalpel, Gemini, Monte, Hook Up, Kick Stand, Duggar, El Blanco (Q)

16 PAX posted @ #thegeneral this morning and experienced A Case of the Mondays. Co-Q’d by the Wreck and YHC, The PAX were in silent/panting agreement that it was a great start to the week. It was a wet one this AM in the gloom… and not because we got rain.


The Wreck and YHC are not professionals (not even close). This is a free, voluntary workout. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself… modify as needed. (And hydrate, it is hot out here).


79 Degrees, approximately 142% Humidity, a nice breeze… oh wait, nope that is just the Mosey

Warm Up

  • SSH X 21 IC
  • Seal Jax X 21 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
  • LBAC X 10 IC  & Reverse
  • Abe Vigoda X 15 IC
  • Grass Grabbers X 15 IC
  • Merkins X 10 IC (due to some mumble chatter, however Mondays are for Merkins, so ya know it kinda makes sense)

The Thang

INDIAN RUN (what is The Wreck thinking? It is a 92 degree heat index out here). Through #thegeneral and then about a 0.75 mile Indian Run at a solid pace.

***The PAX be sweating profusely at this point

Back in the Far South Corner of #thegeneral parking lot, the PAX circled up for a new one… YHC calls it “A Case of the Mondays.” This exercise is meant to be a High Intensity Interval Exercise, although it was more of just moderate intensity (Q Fail Here). A Case of the Mondays:

  • M – Merkins X 10 IC
  • O – Outlaws X 10 (R, L) – an Outlaw is starting in the low flutter position and making a large O with your legs together
  • N – Nolan Ryan X 15 IC, Each Arm – Start in Plank Position, go right arm high and then punch down, as if Robin Ventura were underneath your arm (similar to a John Travolta), Flap Jack
  • D – Dolly X 15 IC (no explanation needed here)
  • A – Alternate Shoulder Taps X 15 IC (I prefer to use Weedwacker’s version of this exercise called the Jay Z, however that doesn’t start with A)

***The only exercise that started with a Y was the Yule Brenner, YHC didn’t have the juevos to throw that end there…

So after the AST’s, we moseyed back around the school, grabbed some much needed H20 and headed to the hall of Pain.Welcome to the hall of Pain. The Pax Grabbed some wall and sat right into some Angry Chair.

  • Angry Chair X 21 IC

While one of the PAX gave us a Ten Count (I can’t recall who as I couldn’t seem to find air) I looked to my right to find said Oxygen and saw Hookup smiling at me. This was great inspiration for the next exercise… for the Dirty Hookup.

  • Dirty Hookup X 15 IC

The Hall of Pain was still lacking Oxygen, so it just seemed like the right decision at the time to rinse and repeat… which in retrospect was a questionable and reckless decision by YHC, but too late.

The PAX Moseyed to the Grove of Benches and Poles and proceeded to circle up for another Case of the Mondays. This time, however, the mumble chatter got loud, so on the Outlaws we went 10 to the right and 25 to the left. In hindsight, this may have backfired on YHC as he was at this point 97% out of gas. YHC handed the Q back to his proud papa, The Wreck.

The PAX moseyed back to the Shovel Flags for a little time with Mary.

  • Low Flutter X 21 IC
  • Little Baby Crunches X 21 IC
  • Rosalita X 21 IC
  • High Flutter X 21 IC
  • Freddy Mercury X 21 IC

Due to time constraints, we closed with 2 very manly high skips and one whole 40 yard sprint.

FNG: Welcome to Forrest (yes, after Forrest Gump) although Duece Duece was also given consideration. Forrest, now you come back now, ya hear (Sally Field, 1994 & Whiskey, this AM)

Naked Man Moleskin/Ball of Man

Duggar mentioned that he and Leprechaun ran into an M of one of the PAX over the weekend and she mentioned to them how much this PAX loves F3 and how it has been a positive impact on his life. YHC knows that my M would say the same and she would be speaking truth. This is a great reminder to all that we need to spread this great thing that we have received… For YHC, it was the persistence of The Wreck who got me to come out on a cold February morning to #thehogg for a creative beatdown led by The Bishop. While those first few workout were some of the most humbling mornings that YHC can recall in his adult life, YHC has learned quite a bit about himself… while getting into the best shape since college (well, Freshman year at least).

In reflecting on Duggar’s words this morning two things come to mind. 1) While we may not be able to reach/help everyone, each one of us can reach/help at least one other… even if we don’t know what impact we are making on said someone (a slightly modified Ronald Reagan Quote) 2) And as my father has always reminded me, you can never have too many friends (brothers in the gloom)…

It was an honor to Co-Q this morning. #SYITG.

El Blanco