15 Pax took their #DRP and posted #InTheGloom for an Old Testament #beatdown, where almost every exercise after COP had never before been inflicted upon the #TheHogg Pax #sinswerecleansed


  • YHC is not a professional instructor #clipboarder. F3 workouts are voluntarily and free of charge. It is important to use good form to complete the exercises, so ask for a demonstration if you need one. Take breaks if/when needed and/or modify exercises if you need to. The goal is to push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself. #YouAgainstYou  Notify the Q of any serious medical conditions. Aye!


  • 66° and 81° humidity… #sweatfactory

The Thang 

  • Mosey out of the parking lot and take a R on El Camino Real, then continue to the entrance for Bushwood Country Club and hang a L into Valet Parking for COP
    • Along the way: Backpedal, Side Shuffle L/R, Karaoke L/R
  • Circle of Pain
    • SSH x 20 IC
    • IW x 20 IC
  • Mosey over to the Driving Range for some Crazy Down Under 
    • Australian Pull-Up Cycle (Center, L, R) x 10 OYO
    • Teeter Totters x 10 each side OYO
    • Australian Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Mosey back through Valet Parking and the Garden of Tranquility to Mercy Street and then down to Curby Drive for Wheel of Merkin
    • Decline Merkin x 10 IC
    • R Extended Oblique Crunch x 10 IC
    • R Hand on Curb Merkin x 10 IC
    • L Extended Oblique Crunch x 10 IC
    • Incline Merkin x 10 IC
    • R Extended Oblique Crunch x 10 IC
    • L Hand on Curb Merkin x 10 IC
    • L Extended Oblique Crunch x 10 IC
    • Extra Credit: Planche (En Francais, si vous plais!?!) Merkins x 5 IC
  • Mosey over to the Shovel Flags for Prisoners Dilemna
    • Prisoner Cell Merkins x 5 IC (10-count exercise: Squat, Thrust, Merkin, R Knee In/Out, Merkin, L Knee In/Out, Merkin, Both Knees In, Jump, Count on Landing
    • Firing Squad Stand Ups x 10 IC (1st set L leg, 2nd R, 3rd L, 4th R)
    • Rinse-n-Repeat x 4
  • Stay around the Shovel Flags for Six Minutes of Mary (6MOM)
    • High Flutter x 15 IC, #holdem
    • Low Flutter x 15 IC
    • Dolly x 15 IC
    • Rosalita x 15 IC
    • Knee Ups x 15 IC
  • Transition to Circle of Trust


  • 15 men. T’claps Brothers! Strong turn out during a Holiday week!


  • ZERO FNGs, WTF!?! Let’s ramp up our Emotional Headlocking work brothers! #GiveTheGiftYouHaveBeenGiven Always Be Headlocking #ABH

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • We gave thanks for Whiskey’s 50th “Respect” birthday. Welcome to the #oldmanstrong Club Brother!
  • Old E took us out with a strong prayer.
  • The #3rdF pulpit is open to any Pax member. All are encouraged to offer Thoughts and Prayers (TAPs) and to offer a prayer to take us out. You are all #freedtolead, and every leader needs to find his “voice” among other men. Offering TAPs is a great way to do that.


  • Well That Sucked!!! T’claps to the Pax on making their #downpainment today. Thanks for your patience and support as we tried out a number of new exercises, many of which were #crowdpleasers The goal was to deliver a complete and utter Core and Chest #beatdown
    • Mission accomplished!!! For those of you keeping score at home, we ran 2 miles and burned 625 calories
    • The Prisoners Dilemna will be back
  • Holiday Season. Although the Holiday’s are filled with joy and happiness for many of us, there are many others for whom this is a very difficult time of the year, especially those who are jobless, homeless, hungry, sick, alone, sad, depressed, suicidal, addicted, etc… While the Holiday Season is almost over, it is not to late to:
    • Give the Gift of F3. It’s free and it lasts a lifetime! You will forever be THE guy that positively changed another man’s life. #Fitness #Fellowship #Faith #GiveItAway
    • Spread the Spirit. Take some extra time this Holiday season to reach out to others who are in need. A simple hello, a warm greeting or a kind deed can be a positive turning point that lifts someone out of despair and into hope. #BeALightInTheWorld #BrothersKeeper
  • Looking Ahead. A few of things you don’t want to miss:
    • 1/2/(F)3 Convergence #1/2/(F)3. Each year on January 1st, it is traditional in F3 Nation to have a “Convergence” in honor of F3’s founding on 1/1/11. Since the 1st falls on a Sunday this year, we have called an audible to move it to January 2nd (and it also takes the hangover excuse of the table #NoExcuses). The 1/2/(F)3 Convergence is intended to pull together everyone who has participated in an F3 Houston workout for a combined, extended event. In addition, a particular focus for the Convergence is for each member of the Pax to bring out FNGs (note: the plural was intentional!). Most guys are “New Year’s resolutionists” (“I need to get in shape this year…”), so it is a great time to bring them out to F3. It is also a great time to celebrate 3 months of F3 Houston #badassery  Start your year off right!!!
    • @F3_250. What the heck is this?!? Well, it is a challenge to the Pax to make a personal commitment to working out 250 times in 2017. F3 workouts count, as well as any 30+ minutes exercise sessioin you complete (yes, even with your M if you can last that long!?!). T’claps to Duggar who just completed the #F3twofiddy challenge this week. The Bishop is a Hard Commit #HC for 2017. Time for YOU to step up for your own @F3_250 #accountability
  • Twitter. YHC highly encourages the PAX to get on Twitter. It’s not a scary as it sounds, and it’s a great source of real-time updates, #MumbleChatter and hilarious (and occassionally horrifying!?!) images from the PAX. If YHC can do it, then trust me that anyone can. Suggested Twitter handle: @F3[F3name]. #CommunicationIsKey
  • Word of the Day (WOD): Exicon: A vast repository of F3 exercises found on the F3 Nation website (http://f3nation.com/exercises/), which exists for your knowledge and enjoyment. If you have an exercise that isn’t listed, then you can have it added as Duggar recently did with the Bataan Death March. #prideofauthorship Together with the F3 Lexicon, they form the Rosetta Stone of the F3 language. #becomefluent You get all of this for $0.00 with #freeshipping #bargain

Aye! The Bishop