Friday, September 28, 2018
The Pax: Chief Beanie Robinhood Inferno EPO Taco

QIC: Taco

The Thang:
Launched from St Martins to trace a #shovelflag in anticipation of #convergence . Made our way to Sunset Blvd via Holy Springs, Rocky Road to Sturbridge. At Blvd, stopped for first pain station: Merkins, Freddie Merk, Squats.
Tempo run down Sunset Blvd to Cedar Creek to San Felipe. Stopped at Blvd for a round of Captain Thor:
(1) American Hammer 20 count / 10 BBSU
(2) American Hammer 18 count / 10 BBSU
(3) American Hammer 16 count / 8 BBSU
(4) American Hammer 14 count / 7 BBSU
(5) American Hammer 12 count / 6 BBSU
(6) American Hammer 10 count / 5BBSU
Back on San Felipe to Sage to Cedar creek to #sunsetblvd. Right turn on Holy Springs to complete the Flag.
Final Pain Station:
Ranger Merkins
Imperial Walker
Wide arm Merkin

Back to where we started.

Great to have EPO from Wilmington – a community heavy impacted by Florence. The F3 Pax are rallying there to help those in need within their community. Part of their efforts are raising funds here:
Strong work by all this morning. One day I will get the count straight for Captain Thor.