Twelve Pax took their DRPs on a sticky October morning (it’s Fall, isn’t it?). Sadly, no FNGs were present, which might explain why YHC forgot to run through the Disclaimer, but from what the Pax are saying, there are some in the works. Let’s all make a push for Saturday to break the 20 mark on our first weekend on our own!

At 0530 on the nose, YHC had the Pax mosey out the parking lot for a short way and then head right back towards the Shovel Flag out on the Front Yard, so that they could circle for warm up.

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hops (SSH) 30 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers (IW) 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs 20 IC
  • LBCs x 25


  • Mosey along main running trail with some High Knees, Butt Kickers, and Karaoke thrown in
  • YHC picked first dirt spot off the trail that was large enough to circle the Pax up and introduced Jack Webb. Performing Merkins/Air Presses on 1:4 ratio, the Pax began the journey up one side of a pyramid towards a 10 count for Merkins. Midway through, at the 5 count, YHC used the excuse of the Pax huffing and puffing to mosey in search of reach grass, instead of the ant pile selected. The Pax found a solid patch of grass and continued on the Jack Webb journey up to the 10 count. Needless to say, there were a lot of modifications taking place towards the end.
  • Pax then moseyed to the Play Ground, where YHC introduced the Pax to Jack Webb’s yet-to-be-named cousin, the one that likes to do Box Jumps and Flutter Kicks just like Jack likes his Merkins and Air Presses. Actually, YHC started the Pax out with Boxjumps and In/Out combos, but quickly realized that 40 In/Outs might qualify as a near-death experience, so YHC modified to FKs.
  • Having worked up a sufficient lather and realizing that time was getting away from YHC, Jack Webb’s other cousin, the one that likes to do Donkey Kicks and Squats, had to be led back into the barn for a ride another day.
  • Instead, to keep on schedule and get them back towards the SF, YHC called for a Black Snake run. The Pax proved to be fast studies, as this time, they left sufficient spacing and paced each other such that no pile ups or near collisions occurred, unlike the first time the Black Snake showed its ugly head. That time, YHC recalls thinking that bicycle helmets might be a wise investment for the Pax to make and a longer, more detailed Disclaimer an absolute necessity for the Q’s eventual legal defense. But fortunately, non of that proved necessary, the Pax got the swing of it.
  • While heading back towards the Front Yard, YHC couldn’t help but think that the Pax had a little more sweat to be squeezed out of them. That’s when YHC saw Mt. Houston and found inspiration. Lining up single-file, the Pax had to bear crawl up/down and side-to-side the half-pipe-like ditch that is The Hogg’s famous Mt. Houston. Traversing ~30-40 yards in a forward zig-zag pattern, the Pax were asked to finish off their climb with a reverse bear crawl at the end. The shear joy of that moment was written all over the faces of the Pax by the end…well, you would’ve seen that, if you had just ignored the deafening sound of their labored breathing, avoided drowning in the sweat soaking the ground around them, and doubled over to get eye-to-eye with them. Then you would’ve really seen how happy they were that they didn’t fartsack today.


  • 12 Pax


  •  Sadly, no FNGs…let’s get on it!

BoM (Ball of Man)

  • Quick recap of Texas leadership call. Highlighted plans for San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston to all converge at the Spartan Race in Austin at the end of May. Firmed up plan for F3 Houston’s first 2F event, a happy hour to be held at Kirby Ice House this Thursday from 5PM until TBD.


  • There was a little #mumblechatter going this AM, but noticeably less so than when Bishop is present. Let’s face it, #mumblechatter may well be his own D2X. YHC is looking forward to not only having him back in the circle on Thursday, but looking forward to his Q.
  • Had Bishop been present, YHC would’ve certainly taken a beating for the well timed cadence YHC initially set for the Imperial Squat Walkers. A 13-year-old going to his first cotillion class has a better sense of timing than YHC did.
  • YHC thought Hookup was looking for some Extra Credit, during the Jack Webb, because during the Air Presses, he was bringing his hands all the way down to his waist level on each rep. It was only when YHC called him out on it that Hookup explained that his hands were actually sinking down that low involuntarily; all the Pax knew just how he felt.
  • Meanwhile, Beta had a different answer to the same problem. Rather than Hookup’s approach, Beta was going for minimizing the distance his arms traveled, keeping his arms steady above his shoulders and substituting a flick of the wrist for the up/down arm movements.
  • C.A. gets the award for messing with the Q’s count today. It wasn’t quite #mumblechatter, but it was effective. As YHC counted upwards during the Jack Webb and his cousin, YHC could hear C.A. count down. Now, early in the counts, that’s no big deal, but as you’re building to the 40 count, which brings you to the 220 rep goal, as Q, it really messes with you. YHC isn’t sure whether C.A. was doing this because 1) he likes to torture cats as a hobby and there just were no cats available at that moment, so why not torment the Q instead; 2) he dreamed of being an astronaut as a child and often finds himself walking around counting down from 10 out loud; or 3) he binged-watched Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve highlight clips all last night and it was just kind of stuck in his head this morning.
  • Leprechaun – he was either full of the spirit or full of the spirits when he asked whether YHC meant 5 AM or 5 PM as the time to meet at Kirby Ice House, when YHC said “meet there at 5 on Thursday.” Glad he wasn’t leaning too hard into any stereotypes with that comment!

Thanks for being out there this morning and allowing me the opportunity to lead.