15 pax posted for some 30 work on 2ndF Sat.
Welcome FNG’s Midnight and Quinoa!

After months of anticipation YHC’s Houston Q was finally here. Upon speaking with Duggar, The Bishop, and Juggernaut about the AO and the pax that had posted up to this point, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be a ghost town on this day. There were plenty of transplants from other regions and guys like Woodpecker and Silent Bob that traveled great distances to help give it away. The work was designed to increase the visibility of F3 by carrying the shovel flags with us to various pain stations in the midst of all the Sad Clowns already out enjoying a glorious Saturday morning. So here’s how it went.

Clear skies and 78 degrees in the World’s most active park on a Saturday morning in October.

I am not a professional. Push yourself to your limit, even past your limit, but don’t hurt yourself, only you know when you’re approaching this threshold. I expect each of you to work for the entire hour. If the exercise is merkins and you can’t perform anymore correctly, modify to ones on your knees. If you can no longer perform ones on your knees, modify to another exercise like SSH’s, squats, or LBC’s. The most important point is that you are doing work for the entire 60 mins.

Mtn Climbers x15 IC
WW1 Sit Ups x15 OYO
Merkins x15 IC
BoxCutters x15 IC
Merkins x 16 IC (YHC was enjoying these so much he forgot to change the tone on the 15th rep)
Reverse Crunches x15 OYO

Break Up into Teams of 2
“You will be with your partner for the remainder of the workout. Stay beside or near them and above all, never leave your new found friend!”


Mosey w/ Shovel Flags

1st Work: 8 mins
Mtn Climbers and LBC’s (pax A performs 15 LBC’s while pax B is busy with Mtn Climbers, flapjack)

Mosey w/ Shovel Flags

2nd Work: 30 each pax
Plank and Merkins
This was gleaned from a pain station that F3Strawberry brought to the wood one Furious Saturday morning. (pax A performs 5 merkins while pax B awaits his turn in the plank aka Leaning Rest position, flapjack)

Mosey w/ Shovel Flags

3rd Work: 30 each pax
Angle Iron and Reverse Crunches (pax A runs 30 yards to “the green cage thingie” and performs 5 Reverse Crunches, then runs back to relieve pax B who is waiting patiently on their backs feet straight up in the air in the shape of a piece of angle iron, flapjack)

Indian Run with Flags down the very crowded running trail back past the starting point to the far side of the play ground equipment. We planted the flags and moseyed approximately 30 yds away.

4th Work: 30 each pax
Imperial Walkers and WW1 Sit Ups (Pax A runs to the flags and performs 5 WW1 sit ups, then runs back to relieve pax B from what seemed like an endless amount of Imperial Walkers, flapjack)

Mosey to the opening in front of the parking lot, this area will most likely become the main ops area of The Hogg.

5th Work: 30 each pax
Plank Jacks and Merkins (pax A runs to the picnic tables approx 30 yds away and performs 5 merkins, then runs back to relieve pax B from the never ending amount of plank jacks. With a lot of plank work already performed,YHC decided to audible after each pax performed 15 merkins to pax B having the choice of plank jacks or LBC’s)

BLIMPS 5,4,3,2,1(performing 1 less rep with each round)
Burpees x5
Lunges x5
Imperial Walkers x5
Merkins x5
Plank Jacks x5
Squats x5
YHC repeated the instructions for this exercise medley several times before some(not all) of the pax caught on. This was a failure on YHC for not being more direct in clarifying the scope of work. “Clear as mud?” Aye! “GO!” The pax that had questions quickly realized the answers as we all started to work our way through the exercises.

Run back to the flag.

Prayer Requests
Closing Prayer

Naked Man Moleskin
– Tclaps to Woodpecker and Silent Bob for traveling from the right Coast over for this important event. There presence and experience was greatly appreciated!
– Wow this park is busy at 0630 on a Saturday morning!
– All the pax showed early today an issue that during the week some of the pax mistook the start time for the arrival time. All of our lives are much too busy to waste those precious few minutes waiting on late arrivals. Go time means go time!
– In the COP there were guys having to modify exercises. That’s alright! Keep coming and you will get stronger.
– The Bishop and Duggar were trying to push the mumblechatter from the beginning and a few of the pax were starting to catch on during the 1st Work. “Wait which one is the rest?”
– The teams promoted a required communication with your partner and the pax could all be heard motivating each other and passing along the count. There was even a fair amount of slyly targeted quips about planking, “Again?!!?”
– The Bishop did an excellent job of managing the fast guys by keeping them planked for the 6. Planking for the 6 is something that increases the intensity level of those that blaze through an exercise while keeping the slower guys under the gun by knowing pax are suffering until they finish.
– Brekkng up into to two columns to Indian Run the two flags worked great until YHC jumped in the fray and messed up the partner thing. Alpo’s the oddball? Aye, that’s never ever been shouted by a pax in the gloom.
– The Imperial Wlakers normally an easier exercise, were a real crowd pleaser and at this point in the workout had guys struggling to keep doing them. The pain is real after you break the century threshold and have to still keep doing them!
-Beck’s Prime is the local Coffeeteria literally across the street from the AO. It’s got a great outdoor dinning area that will accommodate the many many pax that soon will be transformed into HIM’s. This region is going to grow like gangbusters with these men firmly centered at its core. We had a lengthy stay for coffee and ice cream(Woodpecker) and enjoyed some good convo and 2ndF.

It was a great pleasure and honor to spend an all too brief few minutes with these men sweating together in the gloom.

JKS – Alpo