• When: 10/29/2018
  • QIC: Leprechaun
  • Co-Q / Weasel Shaker: Putt Putt
  • AOQs: Aloha (The Yard), Taco (Orbit/The Marathon), Tater (The Kingdom), Trojan (The River)
  • AQs: Beanie, Britney, Robinhood (Orbit/The Marathon); Bonesaw, Meat, Slingblade (The Yard); Bullseye, Knob Creek, KFC (The Kingdom); Lambo, Muffy, Tib-Fib (The River)
  • Support Qs: Boring – Coffeeteria Q; Clueless – Hydro Q; Weedwacker – Med Alert Q
  • The PAX: 98 PAX from 12 AOs

98 PAX posted ITG at Spotts Park for F3 Houston’s 2nd Anniversary Convergence. 

Taking a cue from GrowRuck we asked many PAX to step up and lead. AOQ’s representing four Houston area AOs (Yard, Orbit, River, Kingdom) designed workout stations and each led a group. 12 Assistant Qs (AQs) from the same AOs led a squad behind each AOQ. Additionally, PAX stepped up to for Hydro, Med Alert, and Coffeeteria.


Glorious! The bad storms stayed just to the south.

Disclaimer & Logistics 

At the top of the hill, NW parking lot and then it was GO TIME

Putt Putt led the PAX down the hill and through agility runs, then the PAX circled up in three concentric circles around the shovel flags. FNGs were identified and greeted.


Putt Putt and YHC introduced the PAX to Rainbows & Unicorns (aka, SSH IC and Burpees OYO). We did not obtain the mythical COP goal of 200 SSH IC, for we are merciful Qs, but we did manage 130 SSH / 65 burpees to kick off the Convergence.

  • Rainbows & Unicorns: 40/20, 30/15, 20/10, 10/5
  • Abe Vigoda, GrassGrabbers, Tin Soldiers x10 IC
  • Rainbows & Unicorns 10/5 and 20/10
  • Burpees are done in sets of 5 OYO to keep the PAX together. 
The Thang:

Switzer on the SFs. Divide into 4 AOQ lines, each with 3 AQ lines – breaking down all the PAX into manageable groups. Once the groups were set the count was taken. All the Qs have preset their countdown timers at 12 minutes so the groups will move in unison. Upside: good communication, good workout. Downside: PAX at a Convergence are split up for part of the time (in this case, 48 of 90 minutes).

Four stations:

Orbit: Relay

  • Pax 1 runs, Pax 2 merkins, Pax 3 lunges, Pax 4 LBCs, Pax 5 Burpees. Exercises AMRAP. Runner returns, Pax move to next exercise.
  • RnR… competitive juices were flowing and Pax were racing.

Kingdom: Cinder blocks #LilDarlins:

  • Bear (clean & press) x 10
  • Lunge walk / overhead press 10 yards
  • Bicep curls x10 CC
  • Bear Crawl with your cinder block
  • Tricep curls x10 CC
  • Bear Crawl with your cinder block
  • RnR

River: Big Wheel

  • 6 stations arranged in a circle:
  • Merkins x10
  • Freddy Mercury x20
  • Bobby Hurley x10
  • Burpee x5
  • American Hammer x20
  • Grounders x10
  • RnR

Yard 11s on the hill:

  • Partner hand slap Merkins at the bottom,
  • Partner BBSUs at the top
  • RnR

After hitting all 4 stations, return en masse to the SFs for 10 American Hammers x10 IVLC (In Very Loud Cadence).

Thus endeth the Convergence WO. 

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama::

98 PAX, 7 FNGs. Welcome FNGs: Brownie, Crazy Stupid, Peer Pressure, Sun Devil, Nuke, Jingles, Buckeye 

  1. Running Q: Taco, get with him if you want to do CSAUP runs and training.
  2. Rucking Q: Shots Fired! Ditto.
  3. Q challenge: get to a far away Houston AO before Thanksgiving
Moment of Silence for Big Wheel

The brother we lost at the first anniversary Convergence; Cruiser’s son.


Thank you to the PAX who shared and to Beta for starting us off. What happens in the COT, stays in the COT.


YHC took us out. The 3rd F is the Dynamite.

Naked Man Moleskin:

When YHC was asked to lead the Convergence I said to myself, “don’t sit next to Duggar ever again” but then I remembered GrowRuck and GrowSchool and figured, “Hey, I don’t have to do anything but get the PAX to step up and LEAD, and then whatever goes right is to their credit, and whatever goes wrong is on me, and it’ll never rain when I Q and I have multiple passports to non-extradition treaty countries.” So I applied the techniques I’d learned from Dredd, OBT, and Cadre Danny and things seemed to work out pretty well. 

Thanks to all the PAX who stepped up. You did an amazing job. Without the leaders stepping up and all the PAX embracing the suck, today would not have been a success. #ISI. If we do this F3 thing right, anyone could have easily stepped into the Q shoes.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to @TheBishop @F3_Duggar for starting F3 Houston 2 years ago. I’m not sure why I responded to ”It’s free, all dudes, still dark outside. I’ve got extra gloves in my car” but glad I did.

Finally, there is a part of Freed to Lead where the authors describe the Q flexing his pecs post-workout and telling the New Guy that HE is WHY we are out there. It’s true: every FNG we bring out who struggles and perseveres IS why we are out there. Dynamite. Keep EH’ing. Keep bringing FNGs. 

Thank you for the opportunity to lead – and more importantly to give others the opportunity to Lead.

In Spanish, El Leprechaun is The