Rocket Proceeding Nominally

  • When: 02/14/1997
  • QIC: Altar Boy
  • The PAX: Hayseed, Clueless, Mr Robot, Inferno, Toolbag, Sledgehammer, HammerTime, O’fer, Hostage,


9 Pax posted for AltarBoy’s VBQ


Pleasantly cold with a hint of rain


YHC is not a professional. F3 workouts are voluntary and FREE – you are here voluntarily #YouAgainstYou. Modify as needed. Notify the Q or rest of Pax of any serious medical conditions #PushYourselfButDontHurtYourself.

The Thang
  • Narrow Merkins x15 IC
  • SideStraddleHop x15 IC
  • Diamond Merkins x10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Wide Merkins x 10 IC

200 yard Indian Run down to the opposite lot.

4 laps around the lot, alternating between varying squats and balance walk exercise.

  • 1 minute Forward Plank
  • 1 minute side plank, FJ

300 yard Indian run back to starting position

  • 90 seconds Kickers
  • 90 second Cherry Pickers
  • Lightbulbs x 20 IC
  • Side Straddle Hop x 21 IC
  • Whoop!

CountORama and NameORama

10 Pax w/ Q:

  • Hayseed, Clueless, Mr Robot, Inferno, Toolbag, Sledgehammer, HammerTime, O’fer, Hostage, Altar Boy



It is always, always better to be prepared. Don’t ever half-ass anything. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. And yes, I definitely overdid it on the squats. Hope y’all know that I could barely climb up the stairs this afternoon. Worth it. Absolutely worth it. Whoop!


*F3 Texas GrowRuck*
> Officially in Houston the last weekend in February. Get your hallpasses now and block that entire weekend for all THREE Fs.
> F3 Growruck Shirts are now available on F3 MudGear – get yours here!

> March 24, 2018 – Workout at Hermann Park, then train ride to MDA for 5K. PaceCar will have the Q and will be coordinating F3 team and fund raising to support MDA GI Clinic

*Houston Spartan Sprint* 

March 24th, 2018 – EBERLY RANCH, CHAPPELL HILL TX – More details here.

*Austin Spartan Sprint – All Texas Pax Convergence* 
May 20th, 2018 – REVEILLE PEAK RANCH, BURNET TX – More details here.


For those few of you who have not yet signed on – get onto BAND today, either via smartphone app (links here: apple / android), or via the website. This is our new preferred Comz Channel going forward – download it and join the band called “F3 Houston” to get all the info on F3 Houston. Here is where you can learn who are the upcoming Qs, sign up yourself to be the Q, read our Backblasts for each WO, learn details of our next CSAUPs, and as usual, make fun of the guys in the Pax in general with some good ol’ Mumble Chatter.

I’ll see y’all on the flip side.


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