When: 10/29/2018 QIC: Leprechaun Co-Q / Weasel Shaker: Putt Putt AOQs: Aloha (The Yard), Taco (Orbit/The Marathon), Tater […]
When: The 17th of July in the year 2018 QIC: The Altar Boy The PAX: Inferno, Hammertime, Hayseed, Southpaw, […]
The #EmotionalHeadlock Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who […]
When: 04/21/2018 QIC: Inferno The PAX: O’Fer, Flipper, Sherpa, Clueless (DD), IOU (2H), Granola (Kotter), Golden Gloves (RRR), ToolBag, […]
When: 4.7.2018 QIC: Hammer Time The PAX: Clueless, Hayseed, Inferno, O’Fer, Mr. Robot, Tool Bag, Bubbles, Golden Gloves, Sherpa, […]
When: 02/14/1997 QIC: Altar Boy The PAX: Hayseed, Clueless, Mr Robot, Inferno, Toolbag, Sledgehammer, HammerTime, O’fer, […]
When:01.23.18 QIC: HammerTime The PAX: Hostage, Inferno, Wolverino, Hayseed, Tool Bag, Alter Boy, Zamboni, 0-Fer, Granola, Flipper, OEM, […]
When: 01/18/2018 QIC: Hostage The PAX: Hammer Time, Hayseed, Inferno, O’fer, Sledgehammer, Toolbag, Wolverino, Zamboni 8 courageous men + […]
When: 01/16/18 QIC: Wolveriño The PAX: Camo, Inferno, Hammer Time, Hostage, OEM, Hayseed 6 souls + […]
When: 01/06/2018 QIC: Inferno The PAX: JR Ewing, Wolverino, Quarterback, Bonesaw (FNG), NPR, Haggis, Slingblade (R), Camo, MallCop (FNG), […]