When: 11/06/2018 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: Rising Sun, Fireball, Gemini, Hookup (R), Mead, Quarterback (R) Quack, […]
When: 10/29/2018 QIC: Leprechaun Co-Q / Weasel Shaker: Putt Putt AOQs: Aloha (The Yard), Taco (Orbit/The Marathon), Tater […]
The #EmotionalHeadlock Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who […]
When: 2/17/18, 0630 am Where: The Yard QIC: Boring The PAX: Sling Blade (R), Quarterback (R), […]
When: 2/10/2018 QIC: Weedwacker The PAX: Hookup(R), Neutron, Brass Monkey, Aloha!(FNG), The Meat(R), Slingblade(R), Fireball, Quarterback(R), Old-E, Silver Bullet, […]
When: 1/20/2018 QIC: Weedwacker The PAX: DB, Hookup (R), Neutron, Boring, Mister Rogers, Scalpel, Pipes, Slingblade (R), Quarterback (R), […]
When: 01/06/2018 QIC: Inferno The PAX: JR Ewing, Wolverino, Quarterback, Bonesaw (FNG), NPR, Haggis, Slingblade (R), Camo, MallCop (FNG), […]
Come celebrate the new year with your Pax! On Monday, January 1st we will meet at 0700-0830 hrs […]
When: 11/18/2017 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: DB, Fireball, Hookup (R), Inhaler, Sling blade (R), Neutron, QB […]
The recent events with Big Wheel at Herman Park during our 1st Annual Convergence last week […]
When: 10/05/2017 QIC: Hookup The PAX: Fireball, Holiday , NPR, Quarterback, Hillbilly, Boring , Tony Hawk(FNG), […]
When: Workout date: 9/23/17 QIC: Weezer The PAX: The Wreck, Inhaler, Huffy, Quarterback, Kabob, Holiday, El Blanco, Tin Soldier, […]
When: Tuesday, 9.19.2017 QIC: Scalpel The PAX: Brass Monkey, Fireball, Hookup (R), Boring, Bling, DB, Weedwacker, Rose Bowl, Walk-On, […]
When: 09/14/2017 QIC: Hookup The PAX: Dugger, Bling, Whiskey(R), Fireball, DB, El Blanco, NPR, Scalpel, Hookup(QIC) […]
When: 9/2/17, 0630 am QIC: Boring The PAX: Weedwacker, Weezer, Zip, Fireball, Johnny Utah, Whiskey (R), Holiday, Kickstand, […]
  Brothers of F3! Those words have deeper meaning in the wake of Harvey. Natural disasters […]
  F3 Houston is here for you! Reach out when you need anything during the next few days […]
  F3 Houston is here for you – reach out if you need anything during the […]
  F3 Houston is here for you – reach out if you need anything during the […]
When: 8/24/17 QIC: The Wreck The PAX: Weedwacker, Duggar, Hookup (R), Whiskey (R), Magnus, Daredevil, Card Trick, Fireball, The […]