When: 11/8/2018 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: Haggis, Obstacle, Speed Trap (FNG, R), Fresh Prince, Mr. Delicious […]
When: 10/23/2018 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: Batman, PuttPutt, Fresh Prince, Haggis, Leprechaun, Backhoe, Beta, Obstacle, JackRabbit […]
When: 10/13/2018 QIC: [Q F3 Name] The PAX:  Ghost Rider (TD); Britney (TD); Pollywog (DD); UpDawg (DD); Guitar […]
When: 10/02/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Leprechaun, Beta, Backhoe, Guitar Hero (DD), El Oso  (DD), Jingles (2nd Helping), Haggis, […]
When: 10/29/2018 QIC: Leprechaun Co-Q / Weasel Shaker: Putt Putt AOQs: Aloha (The Yard), Taco (Orbit/The Marathon), Tater […]
When: 09/22/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Jack Rabbit (R); Leprechaun (DD); Taco; Ghost Rider; Liquid Plumber (R); El Osso […]
  When: 07/05/18 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Beta; Beater; Hagis; Toady; Robinhood; Arsenal; H-Bomb; Liquid Plumber (R); Backhoe; Putt […]
When: 19May18 0530h QIC: Beta The PAX: Port-O-Call, Beta YHC and Port O Call arrived at 0530-ish to an […]
When: May 03, 2018 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Snoop Dog, Fresh Prince, Jack Rabbit (R), Haggis, Liquid Plumber, H-Bomb, […]
When: 01May18 QIC: Beta + Liquid Plumber Co-Q The PAX: Cruiser, Duggar, Gemini, Snoop Dog, Beanie, Taco, Barney Fife […]
The #EmotionalHeadlock Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who […]
When: April 19, 2018 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: CC, Haggis, Taser, JackRabbit (R), Fresh Prince, Beta, H-Bomb, McFly, Virgin, […]
When: 04/07/2018 QIC: PaceCar The PAX: Triple Threat; Beta; Leprechaun; Taco; Brexit; The Bishop (R); Guitar Hero; JackRabbit (R); […]
When: 3-27-2018 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Weedwacker, Pacecar, JackRabbit (R), Whiskey (R), Gemini, Liquid Plumber (R), Taser (2nd Helpings), […]
When: 03/20/18 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: Stakeout (R), Shoog, Taco, Fresh Prince, Beta, Snoop Dogg, Liquid […]
When: 03/17/18 QIC: Leprechaun The PAX: Taco, Lunch Money (FNG), Haggis, The Bishop (R), Fresh Prince, Brexit, Port o’ […]
When: March 13, 2018 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Snoop Dog, Britney, Pace Car, Back Hoe, Shoog, Peter Wilcox (aka-F3Floppy […]
When: 1/30/2018 QIC: Guitar Hero The PAX: Freshprince, Cruiser, Shug, Taco, SnoopDog, Backhoe,Britney, Luis Vuitton, Jackrabbit 6 Pax posted […]
When: 01/23/2018 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Snowbird, Locksmith (R), Taco, Shoog, H-Bomb, Gemini, Beta, CC, Snoop Dog (Kotter), […]
When: 01/18/18 QIC: H-Bomb The PAX: Shoog, Guitar Hero, TripleThreat, Snitch (DR Knoxville), Britney, Backhoe, Beta, […]