When: 02/16/2019 QIC: Trojan/Lambo Co-QIC The PAX: Element, Tib-Fib, Deep Dish, Radar, Drydock, Scout, Scooter, Pom […]
When: February 16, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Pace Car, Rocky Top, Haggis, Pythagoris, Taco, Weed Wacker, Guitar Hero, […]
When: 02/15/2019 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Miranda (R), Scout (RRR), Cruiser (RR), Deep Dish, Tib-Fib, Radar, […]
When: 02/08/2019 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Tib-Fib, Barrel Roll (RR), Scout (RRR), Miranda (R), Comal, YHC […]
When: 02/07/2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Scout (RRR), Toy Story (RR), Comal, Foam, Other Brother Darrell, Punkin, Muffy (R), […]
When: 02/02/2019 Ground Hog Day QIC: KFC and JR Ewing The PAX: IPA, Full House, Mufasa (axe), Sneakers, Bullseye […]
When: January 26, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Trojan, Punkin, Element, Other Brother Darrell, Tib Fib, Dry Dock, Foam, […]
It was a frigid 31 degrees when 15 pax including YHC embraced the suck at #thekingdom […]

When: 01/19/19 QIC: Leprechaun The PAX: Jingles, Guitar Hero, Backhoe (R), Haggis, Skyhook, Rocky Top (welcome!), Britney, Port of […]
When: 01/18/2019 QIC: Trojan +PAX The PAX: Radar, Scratch, Tib-Fib, Tha Spur, Barrel Roll (RR), Deep Dish, Miranda (R), […]
When: 01/11/19 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Barrel Roll (RR), Tib-Fib, Spur [the], FNG (F3 Deep Dish), FNG (F3 Scratch), […]
When: Jan 12, 2019 QIC: KY AO: The Kingdom The PAX: Skipper, Popeye, Bullseye (R), Full House, KFC, BOP, […]
When: Jan 11, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Beetle Juice, BOP, Full House, Robin Hood, Mufasa, Chief, Gandalf, KFC, […]
When: Jan 4, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Beetle Juice, Abacus, KFC, Big Star, Bullseye (R) AO: The Current […]
When: 01/04/2019 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Cruiser RR, Scooter H, YHC HH (QIC) 3 PAX? A good time to […]
When: 01/03/2019 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Foam, Cruiser (RR), Element (R), The King (R), Muffy (R), Lambo, YHC (QIC) […]
When: 12/22/2018 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Smokey the Bear, Dunphy, Woody (DR from North Carolina), Cobra Kahn, FNG (F3 […]
When: 12/21/2018 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Guitar Hero, Quarterback, Slingblade, Weedwacker, Mr. Gipper, Detention, YHC (QIC) 7 PAX > […]
When: 12/20/2018 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Inferno, Hammertime, M.A.S.H., Flipper, Mr. Robot, Aquaman, Sherpa, Hostage, Clueless, YHC (QIC) 10 […]
When: 12/19/2018 QIC: Trojan The PAX: Guitar Hero, Mufasa, H-Bomb, Taco, Cruiser, Nimbus (DR from TN), Britney, YHC (QIC) […]