When: Dec 28 2019 AO: The Current QIC: KY The PAX: Space Balls, Midas’s, Tater, Prince Introduction YHC has […]
AO: The Kingdom When: Dec 24, 2019 QIC: KY PAX Count: 9 (including YHC) The PAX: Strongwood, Beetlejuice, Barcelona, Robinhood, […]
When:  Oct 12, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Mufasa, Popeye Introduction Ever had a WOD that you questioned […]
When: 10/01/19 QIC: Leprechaun The PAX: Ghost Rider, Haggis, Harlequin, Jackrabbit, PaceCar, Purple Haze (FNG), T-Shirt, […]
When: Sept 10, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Spicoli (R), Punkin, Miranda (R), Lawn Boy (R), Toy […]
When: Aug 17, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Camo, Popeye, Prince, Tater, Strongwood, Cornhole, Mufasa Introduction YHC has been […]
When: Aug 15, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Spicoli (R) Reveille (R), DryDock (R), Punkin, Miranda (R), […]
When: 8/3/2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Prince, Corn Hole, Space Balls, Camo FNG: None Conditions: 78F and humid Introduction YHC has […]
When: Aug 01, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Spicoli (R), Radar, OBD, BOI, Reveille (R), DryDock […]
When: 7/22/19 QIC: Taco (YHC) The PAX: Guitarhero; Able (or is it Abel?); Ghost Rider; Siesta; […]
  When: 18 JUL 2019 QIC: Camo 14 Kingsmen posted on a warm Thursday in July […]
When: 12/15/2018 QIC: Robinhood, Triple Threat, H-Bomb The PAX: The Bishop (R), Beta, Dugger, Leprechaun, Taco, […]
When: 07/11/19 QIC: Leprechaun The PAX: House Divided (R, 2H), Beta, Retread, T-Shirt, Skyhook, H-Bomb, Guitar Hero, Weedwacker, Jackrabbit […]
When: July 4, 2019 QIC: Cruiser & PomPom The PAX: Toy Story (RR), Men in Tights, […]
When: June 25, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Toy Story, Men in Tights, Elf on a Shelf, Element, BOI, […]
When: June 22, 2019 QIC: YHC (Taco) The PAX: T-shirt, Ghost Rider, Haggis, Updog, Sully, Chief […]
When: June 11, 2019 QIC: Cruiser The PAX: Trojan, Toy Story, Men in Tights, Elf on a […]
When: 06/10/19 QIC: Leprechaun The PAX: HUD, Fog, Caterpillar, Dunphy, Petrol, D^3, Skyhook, Mr Clean, Stripes 10 PAX posted […]
When: May 24, 2019 QIC: KY PAX Count: 11 (including YHC) The PAX: Prince, Full House, Tater, Beetlejuice, Siesta, […]
When: 05/14/2019 QIC: Tater The PAX: Ruby, Bullseye, Prince, Camo, Iron Man, Rerun, Beetlejuice, Siesta, IPA, […]