When: MAR 24, 2020 QIC: KY (Co-Q: Mufasa)PAX Count: 20 The PAX: BOP, Taledega, Cool Beans, Proximity, Robinhood, Moneyball, […]
When: Dec 28 2019 AO: The Current QIC: KY The PAX: Space Balls, Midas’s, Tater, Prince Introduction YHC has […]
AO: The Kingdom When: Dec 24, 2019 QIC: KY PAX Count: 9 (including YHC) The PAX: Strongwood, Beetlejuice, Barcelona, Robinhood, […]
When:  Oct 12, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Mufasa, Popeye Introduction Ever had a WOD that you questioned […]
When: Aug 17, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Camo, Popeye, Prince, Tater, Strongwood, Cornhole, Mufasa Introduction YHC has been […]
When: 8/3/2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Prince, Corn Hole, Space Balls, Camo FNG: None Conditions: 78F and humid Introduction YHC has […]
When: May 24, 2019 QIC: KY PAX Count: 11 (including YHC) The PAX: Prince, Full House, Tater, Beetlejuice, Siesta, […]
When: March 2, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Choo Choo, Beetle Juice, Rehab, Siesta, Ruby, Bullseye […]
When: Jan 12, 2019 QIC: KY AO: The Kingdom The PAX: Skipper, Popeye, Bullseye (R), Full House, KFC, BOP, […]
When: Jan 11, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Beetle Juice, BOP, Full House, Robin Hood, Mufasa, Chief, Gandalf, KFC, […]
When: Jan 4, 2019 QIC: KY The PAX: Beetle Juice, Abacus, KFC, Big Star, Bullseye (R) AO: The Current […]