The #EmotionalHeadlock Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who […]
When: 04/21/2018 QIC: Inferno The PAX: O’Fer, Flipper, Sherpa, Clueless (DD), IOU (2H), Granola (Kotter), Golden Gloves (RRR), ToolBag, […]
When: 01/06/2018 QIC: Inferno The PAX: JR Ewing, Wolverino, Quarterback, Bonesaw (FNG), NPR, Haggis, Slingblade (R), Camo, MallCop (FNG), […]
When: 10/14/2017 QIC: Inferno The PAX:  Cruiser (RR), Knobb Creek, Swinger (FNG), Two Dinners, JackRabbit (R), Tater (FNG), […]
When: 09/16/17 QIC: Inferno The PAX: Gemini, Shots Fired!, Backhoe, Harvest Moon (FNG), Goose (PP), H-Bomb, Bullseye (R), HammerTime, Triple […]
  Brothers of F3! Those words have deeper meaning in the wake of Harvey. Natural disasters […]
  F3 Houston is here for you! Reach out when you need anything during the next few days […]
  F3 Houston is here for you – reach out if you need anything during the […]
  F3 Houston is here for you – reach out if you need anything during the […]
When: 08/19/2017 QIC: Inferno The PAX: TP, StrikeOut (FNG), Stealer, BridesMaid (FNG), Podcast, Barricade (DR), Leprechaun, Relief, Cradle Robber, […]
13 Pax posted for an Inferno of a 1776 workout on this anniversary of our nation’s […]
14 Pax posted for our 1st modified Hogg schedule this past Saturday. We are no longer holding […]
8 Pax got a peak of what Houston Summer will be like with one of our […]
12  PAX posted at #TheHogg for the 0700 WO, with 1 FNG coming to us from the […]
10 PAX posted at #TheHogg for a light jog and heavy emphasis on tri’s and shoulders. […]
Conditions High 80s degrees F and 85% humidity – surprisingly hot and wet even for Houston this […]
  10 PAX paid homage at The HOGG of for a loop run with six pain stations.   […]
#F3Hoggwash  |  TOP 10 FAQs – the official newsletter of F3 Houston – F3 Houston has […]
5  PAX posted at #TheHogg for the 07h WO, including 1 FNG. 10 had posted for […]
YHC wanted to send a quick shoutout to F3 Columbus for their BIG BANG this past […]